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Christy Clayton

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Fusing strong rock beats, innovative guitar riffs and earnest, home-hitting lyrics, Texas' Christy Clayton brings a new expression to the changing face of country music. The product is a fresh sound with enough depth to satisfy true country fans and enough edge to interest those on the fence.


Since her debut CD Devil’s Paradise was released in January of 2007, Christy Clayton has been on a rocket ride. After multiple sold-out shows including a sold-out CD release party at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar in Las Vegas, Christy was awarded the prestigious Best of Las Vegas award for Favorite Local Country Band by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. She has since toured her home state of Texas, including a radio tour of the state’s number one morning shows. Radio play of her single “See You in the Morning” is spreading like wildfire throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Christy’s ever-increasing fan base has catapulted her to the top of every Myspace music category including Texas Americana, Texas Southern Rock, Texas Country, as well as Americana, Southern Rock and Country overall. Her Myspace page is averaging nearly 5,000 new plays a day.

Christy’s song “Long Way From Home” was selected from thousands of entries to be included on a Support the Arts compilation CD. Sponsored by Music for Troops, the CD has been sent to thousands of US troops stationed overseas.

Christy Clayton was voted “Favorite Female Vocalist” on after earning 50% of an unprecedented 35,500 worldwide votes!

Devil’s Paradise, which has been categorized as everything from Alt. Country to Red Dirt to Hot AC to Blues, has received some outstanding reviews. Here are a few excerpts:
“This record is like nothing I’ve heard before - it can’t be pigeon-holed into rock, blues or country. And Christy’s voice is a talent I haven’t come across – one minute it’s soaring and soothing, and the next it hammers you down with raw emotion. The production value and musicianship are untouchable. You definitely have an instant fan in me.”
--Brad Austin, Program Director, KLUR (Wichita Falls, TX)

"Tough characters, powerhouse vocals and driving beats add up to a great album that even the non-devils among us can enjoy."
--Performing Songwriter, Nashville

“Christy Clayton has struck gold, maybe even platinum with ‘Devils Paradise!’
Refreshing vocal style, and a smile as big as Texas, makes Christy a new voice to be heard and Greg Stricklin’s excellent production and a cast of tight contributors make ‘Devil’s Paradise’ a top choice for 2007.”
--Big G, Host of Big G’s Road Show, KRVL (Kerrville, TX)

“The no frills, raw sound of Christy Clayton's debut album, "Devil's Paradise" takes Country music into new territory. Greg Stricklin kept the production stripped down so you believe the band actually played it all in one take. It adds an energy to every single track. If you like your Country music sweetened with LA music executive's sugar cubes or coated with New York money men's coffee-table Country choruses, you WON'T like this superb album. If you like your Country on the rebel edge, you'll love it.”
--John Lewis, (ENGLAND)

A busy fall schedule including dates in TX, OK, AR, MO, TN and OH is next up for Christy. In October, she's opening for The Wreckers in Las Vegas!
Look for her coming your way soon!


See you in the Morning

Written By: Greg Stricklin

See You in the Morning

Verse 1
Well I’m going to California Hope it’s not a fantasy
But I do know one thing; it’s over between you and me.

Don’t cry darlin’
Everything will be ok.
I don’t know when I’ll be coming home again.
So I’ll see you in the mornin’ of another day.

Verse 2
They say in California The hills are made of gold.
I hope I find them soon ‘cause this road is getting old.



Verse 3
The road from rags to riches isn’t what they said.
Those hills ain’t made of gold and my body’s feelin’ dead.

(Chorus –I told you once before I’d be coming home again.
- tag ending)

Driftin' Away

Written By: Greg Stricklin

Driftin’ Away

Verse 1
Lookin’ out upon the stars I can’t help but wonder where you are
Do you know what I mean?
I see your face in my dreams, I close my eyes it’s all I see
Do you think about me?
The days they go passin by like the lines and the highway signs
How much further can it be?
Another room in a smoky bar it’ll be too long no matter how far
I’m away from you.
Well the rainy season is commin’ my way.
Still I think the sun is gonna shine on through.
Familiar places; I dreamed that I could take you there.
Lord is there something more that I can do?
Everyday and every night my mind goes drifting away.
(Driftin’ away)
To those long hot summer nights
On a porch swing with the fireflies lighting up the night.
Verse 2
I’m seein’ things in a different way
When I get back home it’ll be to stay
Till the next time the wind calls my name
Forever now I’ve been so blind
Never could read between the lines
So Much more is clear to me.
I’ve seen true love a thousand times
Never seen one that could ease my mind
Quite the way that you do... Yeah.
But here I am in this smoky bar
It’s been too long and I’ve been too far
Another season is changing for you.

Pre Chorus

Every - day - and - every- night - my mind goes - driftin’ away
(Driftin’ away)
To those long hot summer nights with you.
(Driftin’ away)
Every - day - and - every - night - my mind goes - driftin’ away
(Driftin’ away)
And I made up my mind I’m gonna stay with you till the end - of - time, till the end of t-i-m-e
Everyday and every night my mind goes drifting away.
(Driftin’ away)
To those long hot summer nights
On a porch swing with the fireflies, lighting up the night they’re lighting up the night.
I’m gonna stay with you till the end of time.
(Driftin’ away)
I ain’t ever gonna leave you baby. I’m gonna stay with you till the end of time.
(Driftin’ away)
Driftin away, yeah I’m driftin’ away now I’m driftin’ away.

One More Bottle

Written By: Christy Clayton

One More Bottle

Verse 1

Take your last look, and say your goodbyes.

There’s nothing left for you to rationalize
Been talkin’ all night trying to find a way out
Done all that we can do
There’s nothing left to argue about.

He said she said he lied she cried till
One more bottle is not enough.
All I wanted is all it never was.
Guess the going got much too rough.

Verse 2
We had a good run.
How much more can you ask?
No one could ever know how long it would last.
We fought the good fight.
Sometimes it takes more than heart.
The winds of change blew in to pick us up and tear us apart.


Don’t look so sad. It wasn’t all bad.
But all the things we said and did cut way too deep
to ever go back.

Verse 3
Well, I guess that’s it then.
What else is there to say?
I only wish it hadn’t happened this way.
You were a good friend. At least that’s how it began.
I wish you luck and all the best.
Remember me with a smile if you can.

Chorus 2x


See You in the Morning (regional and streaming airplay)
One More Bottle (streaming airplay)
Ain't Worth What it Used to Be

Set List

A typical set for Christy Clayton is approximately 1 hour.

Christy and her band will normally perform (not in any particular order) all 13 songs on the album:
Devil's Paradise
Ain't Worth What it Used to Be
One More Bottle
See You in the Morning
Driftin' Away
When I'm Gone
Long Way From Home
Different Shade of Blue
Nothin' At All
Fly Away
The End
They will also perform a couple of songs from an upcoming album.