Christy Snow

Christy Snow

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Acoustic driven, thought provoking songs of love, life and spirituality. Songs that make the world a better place delivered with percussive guitar and rich, KD Lang meets Natalie Merchant, vocals.


Christy Snow is a Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, Teacher, Minister, Native American Flautist and Instructor, Recording Artist and Author.

Her discography consists of 10 recordings including the folk recordings: No Doubts No Fears, Solid Ground, Awake & Alive and Change Is Good, the CD of Spiritual Chants I Sing My Love and 5 meditative Native American Flute CDs.

A multiple winner of Charlotte’s BEST award, she is considered "One of Charlotte's Best Female Vocalists" by Creative Loafing and a sought after performer in the US and Canada.

With 23 years of experience as an entertainer she has honed her craft as a songwriter, performer and storyteller. Her shows are a unique and unforgettable experience.

There is an awareness of the simplicities and the complexities of life that Christy Snow conveys with her music and her stories. She sweeps the audience away weaving tales of her travels and her views of spirituality and life. She does this with a personality infused with humor, charisma and an easygoing southern charm. The moody harmonica, enchanting Native American Flute, percussive guitar and rich vocals accompany you on this journey that the Charlotte Observer calls an "Unforgettable performance!"

"Christy could change the world with her songs. A voice combining the qualities of kd lang and Natalie Merchant, this North Carolina singer/songwriter is one you could listen to all day " says

One of Christy’s most popular vocal CD, "Change Is Good," is being called her richest and most eclectic work yet. It has the acoustic folk sound that Snow fans have grown to love but also includes a little blues, a little rock, and a lot of incredibly positive songs. “A CD about living life in tune with a higher consciousness” says There is an ever-present message in her music that we are always at choice as to how we view and make a difference in our world.

Christy began performing professionally in 1991 at women’s music festivals, folk festivals, folk venues and churches. Christy has a very diverse folk style of music that has been described as both playful and spiritual and leads the listener on a path of empowerment, self-love and present moment awareness.

Christy resides in North Carolina but tours internationally and receives both national as well as international airplay of her music and worldwide distribution of her CDs.



Written By: Christy Snow

We are all the ripples on this endless sea
We all change the world everyday to some degree
Even when we think we’re not
No matter which road we choose
We’re changing the world everyday
Me and you

So how will you change the world today
What are the things you will do which are the worlds you’ll choose to say
How will you change the world today
And not just if you’re trying to but in your everyday
How will you change the world today

Maybe it’s the little things you say
Or the things you choose not to say that
Impact a life
From the car that cuts you off on the road
To the children who become what there shown
Can you believe
You’re part of what you see


How will you change
What will you do
Who will they see and what is your truth
X 3


Change Is Good

Written By: Christy Snow

Well, I was just getting comfortable in my new space
Planted flower beds and painted the ceiling, rearranged the place
Knocked down a wall added on a room
Didn’t think it’d be time to move on so soon
But I’m thinkin’ that…
There is always change
There is always change
There is always change
And change is good

I’ve heard it said that discontent is to be considered divine
And even if we haven’t seen it that way
That there’s always time
To search avenue after avenue
And ever angle to find
What it is we’re supposed to see there in our mind’s eye
And I think it’s that…
Maybe this illusion of discontent
Is what keeps us forever pushing on
Grateful but seeking never growing
Complacent with life’s song
And I’m thinkin’ that…


Attune To The Ancients - A Native American Flute CD (c) 2011
I Sing My Love - Spiritual chants (c) 2009
Spiraling Into Infinity - A Native American Flute CD (c) 2008
Spirit Dance - A Native American Flute CD (c) 2004
Flute Meditations - A Native American Flute CD (c) 2003
Change Is Good (c) 2003
Remembering The Way - A Native American Flute CD (c) 2001
Awake & Alive (c) 2000
Solid Ground (c) 1999
No Doubts No Fears (c) 1995

Set List

Dance & Sing
New Day
Louisianna Bayou
Opening The Heart (flute song)
Remembering The Way (flute song)
New Day
Gourmet Coffee Blues
Dive In
Dream Flyer (with flute intro)
Change Is Good