Chris Unck & The Black Roses

Chris Unck & The Black Roses

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Two parts Alternative folk-rock and one part Americana, with a keen perception of pop. Influenced by Hank Williams, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, Wilco, and The Band, Unck, the chief songwriter, is just as much a spinner of yarn as he is a master craftsman of song and consumer of whiskey.


The studio may be his home as a producer and engineer, but his heart is sold out to his love of his own expression through song. Chris Unck, who spends much of his time on the road with Butch Walker as his guitar/lapsteel player, has been behind the boards for years working most notably with the likes of Johnny Winter, The Beggar's Guild, The Sundogs, and The Last Waltz Ensemble. His latest creation, "Ridiculous!! Ridiculous!!", was released in a digital format August 18, 2009.

Most recently the world is being introduced to Unck through his work in video production. As producer of Butch Walker and the Let's Go Out Tonites' new live DVD release "Leaving the Game on Luckie Street", Unck accurately brings to life the live performance experience. But even with all his projects, he will always have to satisfy his own muse; expressing his own thoughts, stories, travels, and heartaches.

Influences range from Sigur Ros to Howlin' Wolf, but Chris's music sounds similar to the Rolling Stones' forays into country music, Van Morrison's early days, and the awesome songs by The Faces that you may not be familiar with.

Chris's music serves as a running commentary on his life, and almost every song is a result of an event or story that has shaped him thusfar. There is also an appealing element of transparency in his songwriting that reflects who he is as a person. For example, Chris embedded 'Crackerbox Palace' with actual voice mail left by his girlfriend at the time and the title track is a microcosm of any relationship he's ever had.

Interesting people always have the best stories, and Chris certainly fits that description. His keen knack for relating anecdote through song is both endearing and relevant to the listener.


Country Roads and Love (2008) - Lower 40 Records

Ridiculous!! Ridiculous!! (2009) - Lower 40 Records

Set List

Mostly original songs are performed, but you might hear anything from Led Zeppelin to Willie Nelson over the course of the show.