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Chris Valdivia

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300 Miles

Written By: Chris Valdivia

300 hundred miles is a long way on this road
but not as long as my heart aches
not long ago you loved me
you held me so close
now I can only dream of you as I drive

I can still feel your soft hair against my skin
See the sweet love in your eyes
This lonely road and moonlit night brings me back to loving you...

Please think of the time I was yours and you were mine could you see your way through to being with me again
Could we put ourselves aside and see what time has for us in this life
Oh I want that so much, you in my life forever, forever in my life throughout all time

There were things I did that were wrong
Things a good man wouldn’t do
I have no excuse for hurting you
When you waited for me at night

Driving on, driving on this long dusty road
Just disgusted with myself
I should turn around and let you go


Can you forgive me, can I be the one you love
Can I be true to you and myself
and see this through