Chris Vittese

Chris Vittese


Chris Vittese an emerging 22 year old artist searching for the lost roots in music, writing and recording originals songs with classic rock flavor. Harmonizing vocals and layers rhythmic acoustic guitars bring out a sound that will find your ears and live in your head.


Influenced by classic rock bands suck as The Band, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, CCR, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley and more. My emotional connection to my music is what sets me apart from other bands. My ability to create music, harmonize, structure songs, and write lyrics that resonate with people of all ages. Searching for the opportunity to break through and spread my music around the world. I know i have the opportunity to have an impact on peoples lives with my music.


Back When aired on World Radio

First CD "Closet Full of Jackets" was sold on itunes
1. Back When
2. Florida
3. Me Someday
4. Written Letter
5. Broke
6. So You think you can tell
7. Got some work to do
8. I cant Help It

New CD Not Yet Released " Inspired By"
1. Frozen Feelings
2. Who
3. Pay for That Music
4. Reflection of So
5. Waking Up
6. New Years Day
7. Never Gonna Say Goodbye

Set List

1. Back When
2. Never Gonna Say Goodbye
3. Me Someday
4. Florida
5. Waking Up