Chris Volpe

Chris Volpe

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Rock. Folk. Bluegrass. Country. Jazz. Classical. World.


** 2013 1st RUNNER-UP!! **
---International Acoustic Music Awards
---Best Folk/Roots Song: "World Isn't Worth It"

** 2012 IMA NOMINEE!! **
---Protest Song of the Year: "Ain't No Politician"

** 'Up, Up, & Awry' RELEASED Nov. 2012 !! **
---Featuring Alex DePue on fiddle
with Bill Sanders on Percussion
---Recorded LIVE in the studio!

Chris Volpe is an American songwriter, singer, guitarist, and recording artist. After backpacking around Europe, Volpe spent a year honing his songwriting in the New York City subways and in clubs like the Sidewalk Cafe, before hopping a one way cross country train to San Diego, CA. Eventually landing in San Francisco, he recorded 15 songs in 3 hours, after winning studio time at an open mic contest. The album, Refugee Blues, won numerous world wide contests, including Singer Songwriter Album of the Year at the Independent Music Awards in 2006, and London's "We are Listening" Singer/Songwriter Award. Several avenues opened up, and Volpe followed one to Nashville, TN.

After moving to Nashville in 2007 to explore the country songwriting world, Volpe quickly changed course and found inspiration in the embedded bluegrass world and burgeoning indie rock scene. Volpe has shared the stage with the likes of Jakob Dylan, Gillian Welch, Levon Helm, Del McCoury, Conor Oberst, and Steve Earle, and has recorded, performed, and collaborated with many other legendary instrumentalists and songwriters. He has appeared at the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, Louisville’s Forecastle Festival, and WSM’s Bluegrass Underground series, as well as a performance during the inaugural season of Nashville's popular Music City Roots series.

His most recent album Shipwrecked!, a commanding folk- meets-50s-Blue-Note collection of recorded songs, is according to Volpe "an experiment with the finest sounds human beings can make". On the record, Volpe worked with Bob Dylan’s band mate Donnie Herron, legendary percussionist Kenny Malone (Johnny Cash, Tom Waits), 3-time Grammy winning jazz musician Jeff Coffin (Flecktones, Dave Matthews), and bassist/cellist Bryn Davies (Patti Griffin, Tony Rice). In addition, the performances were recorded by acclaimed bluegrass engineer Phil Harris, who received Grammy praise for his work on Doc Watson's Grammy Winning instrumental album in 2006. Drawing on Bluegrass, Early Jazz, and folk traditions, Shipwrecked! has been lauded by Nashville's finest musicians and critics worldwide as a tremendous achievement, and "a breakthrough in American music". Please visit and for additional info.


*2011 USA Songwriting Competition WInner--Top Ten
International Finalist Award--Best Folk Song--"Peace
of Mind (You're a Long Lost Friend)"

*2011 International Acoustic Music Awards Winner--
Top 10 Best Americana/Folk/Roots Song--"Why Did
I Change My Tune?"

*2011 International Esongwriter Competition Winner--
Top 10 Winner-- "Don't Go"

*2010 Billboard World Song Contest -Honorable
Mention Award- "Salvations Round the Bend"

*2010 Billboard World Song Contest -Honorable
Mention Award- "Dusty Bibles"

*2010 Top 3 Finalist-- Music City Song Contest-Red
Ridge Entertainment, Nashville, TN- "Don't Go"

*2009 Top 4 Finalist -Gary Allen Nashville
Songwriting Contest - "Steamroller Rain" from new
album "Shipwrecked"

*2008 International Winner of the Lyric Writer Awards

*2007 Great American Song Contest-9th Annual
Lyrical-Finalist -"Dusty Bibles"

*2007 International Finalist- Song of the Year

*2007 International Honorable Mention- Unisong 11th
Annual Songwriting Contest-L.U.N.C.H./Local United
Network to Combat Hunger--"The Bandwagon Farm"

*2007 International Top Finalist- Unisong 11th Annual
Songwriting Contest-L.U.N.C.H./Local United
Network to Combat Hunger--"Shoes"

*2006 International Winner--Album of the Year/Singer-
Songwriter--Independent Music Awards for "Refugee

*2006 International Winner--Singer/Songwriter
Awards--We Are Listening, Sphere Studios in South
London with Producer, Steve Williams. "Shoes"

*2006 International Best Folk Song Finalist--
John Lennon Songwriting Contest (Round I)--
"Where the Rubber Meets the Road"

*2006 International Best Folk Song Finalist--
John Lennon Songwriting Contest (Round II)--

*Billboard 14th Annual World Songwriting Contest-
Honorable Mention Award-"Shoes"

*Billboard 14th Annual World Songwriting Contest-
Honorable Mention Award-"Jersey Sun"

*2006 International Finalist & Honorable Mention
Award-International USA Songwriting Competition-

*2006 International Best Folk Song Honorable
Mention Award-- International Song
winner- "Shoes"

*2006 International Songwriting Competition-
Semi-Finalist--"Albuquerque" (Instrumental)

*Winner "


Don't Go

Written By: Chris Volpe

If I ever tell you to leave, don't go
It's just my foolish desire to be alone
I may push and I may pull, my heart may never show
But if I ever tell you to leave, don't go

I may say a lot of things I don't mean
But you know it's only just because I'm a little bit green
when it comes to getting close, I'm scared of takin off my clothes
cause you might see something you don't like

So, if I ever tell you to leave, don't go
It's just my foolish desire to be alone
I may push and I may pull, my heart may never show
But if I ever tell you to leave, don't go

Salvation's Round the Bend


Walkin the line, doin time, breaking scabs an organized crime
One of these doorways lead to a sign
Salvation's round the bend

Up the stairs and across the street, the night of the living dead will greet me
Scrounging a frozen fang
to eat
Salvation's round the bend

Makin it work, but something hurts, what once was comfort now disconcerts
The seam-splitting Frankenstein comes first
Salvation's round the bend

Makin a hustle, makin a buck, the boss strolls out of his diesel truck
Winks and mutters a sorry good luck
Salvation's round the bend

Two broken legs and an arm in a sling, five fingers doin everything
My voice is hoarse but still I sing
Salvation's round the bend

A man on the street is a man about town, like what goes around and comes around, scared stiff still I swear up and down
Salvation's round the bend

Pour me another light one up, I swear there was twice this much in my cup, I hear Voltaire laugh at me as I scoff
Salvation's round the bend

Throbbing pounding in my breast, I've waltzed into some complex, the last words before my cardiac arrest were
Salvation's round the bend

Dusty Bibles


Well they say Saddan Hussein was a baller
When you asked him how tall he was, he said "taller!"
And Reagan said there was no better man to stockpile nukes while we set up Japan
Then the time came and a Bush had to burn
All the bridges we built with the teeth of the unlearned.
They said he killed his mother and he had three wives--
Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives

I'm sure you've heard Keith Moon was the man,
He'd crush hotel rooms like Mich- Ultra cans
And batter his drumset into a pile, the devil gaining control all the while
Then one night he lost his teeth in a duel at a drunken hotel with an empty pool
He closed his eyes and took a swandive--
Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives

You know Jimmy Baker was nobody's fool
He could guzzle scotch and play a mean game of pool
His wife Tammy Fay was the prettiest thing that any televangelist had ever seen
Who would have thought he'd steal millions from the Lord,
When he opened his Swiss account, he must have been bored
Now prison's his gospel cause the rest was a lie--
Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives

Remember when Martha Stewart had it all?
She was even a model once,
Blonde and tall
Then a magazine TV star CEO makin killer hors'douvres tied with satin bows
But it wasn't enough until her favorite stock broke
And she wound up in chains at the butt of a joke
The paparazzi swarmed like bees on a hive--
Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives

Now slobodon smirked as he hit the skids like a genocide version of billy the kid
Terrorizing both the old and young, in the Serbian hills he even torched his own son
To think he started with the purest intentions,
Even served on the board at the Geneva Conventions
With his head in noose and his tongue kind of tied he sang--
Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives

When David Koresh first strolled into town, everybody in Waco just kneeled down
Read his manifestos through and through, rented the rec center for the whole month of June
Parents handed over their twelve year old daughters
Sayin "save her soul cause we don't wanna be bothered"
When they cleaned up the bodies at the mass suicide, they sang--
Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives

Now I don't know how they do it on other planets
I'm sure they've got gospels that run the whole gammet
With idols and books and moral codes, shock absorbers for the rocky roads
But one thing's for certain now understand, in this here country it's the law of the land
Repeat after me if you wanna survive--
Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives

Steamroller Rain


Well Joseph came to town
And he was looking for a manger, But he didn't get too far he got pulled over by the ranger
Who said look son you can't light that fire here you're too close to the lane. And Joseph said "look officer I won't be too long
Can't you hear the rain?"
He said no this fire won't last too long can't you hear
The steamroller rain?

Well Patrick Henry and Frederick Douglas stood on the Salem pier They were sharing an unbrella and plugging their ears with cotton that Harriet Tubman stole from a plantaion down in LaGrange
And together they all screamed at the top of their lungs out toward the plains
If I'd only been a little bit closer than I wouldn't have heard
The steamroller rain

Well Beethoven stood in hancuffs in Vienna's Chamber Hall
When the Mayor and all his sex slave boys came out of their stalls And said look man your ninth ain't sellin too good it's gonna be your last I'm afraid
And Beethoven said look I can't hear too good I can't make out what your trying to say
And it's been five long years since I listened to
Your steamroller rain

Well Bukowski and Helen Keller stood in line at the DMV
When he handed her a braile note that said it's a good thing you can't see
And holdin two pounds of ham on rye she said "yeah but thank God I can read your brain"
It seems those craters on your face were good for more than just laughs and emotional pain
And Bukowski said "by God you don't need ears to hear
The steamroller rain"

Why Did I Change My Tune?

Written By: Chris Volpe

I used to be alone,
Across the state I'd roam,
Slept beneath a peaceful moon-
Until I changed my tune.

Safe from an achin heart,
My worries were few and far,
Now it seems I spoke too soon--
Oh why did I go and change my tune?

Why did I go change my tune?
Every day felt like June.
I once was found but now I'm lost, tell me
Why did I go and change my tune?

I swore again I'd never fall
For the sweet sound of a young girls call,
Alone I'd stand proud 'n tall--
Oh until I changed my tune.

That feelin lovers get
I had reason to forget,
For yet again Ive seen it end too soon,
Why did I go and change my tune?

Why did I go change my tune?
Every day felt like June.
I once was found but now I'm lost, tell me
Why did I go and change my tune?

In love, Ive learned plenty of lessons,
I thought I was through guessin,
Yet Im back at square one alone and blue,
All because I changed my tune.

And I know we tried hard,
When our lives were torn apart,
She was sweet as a honey scented autumn dew,
And I guess that's why I changed my tune.

Well I guess thats why I changed my tune,
Cuz every day felt like June,
I once was found but now I'm lost
But Im still glad that I changed my tune.