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Chris Weaver Band

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
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"Standing In Line With The Chris Weaver Band"

The new album by Chris Weaver, “Standing In Line” is a blend of rock, blues, and soul with a hint of country. The album is an eclectic mix of songs dedicated to those of us still trying to get our lives together sung from the emotional perspective of a raspy-voiced bluesman. Weaver collaborated with producer Josh Leo who worked in the funk, soul, and rock influences. View the trailer The titled song, Standing In Line likens back to the good old days… the hauled equipment, plastered flyers, stuffed jewel cases, sound checks, getting to play at the local bar in your hometown, these are the things that music are made of. This is a true tale of Chris Weaver as he made his way to Nashville from Grafton West Virginia and quickly realized that for every one trying to make their dream come true, there are ten more Standing In Line, just waiting for a chance to be discovered. The Nashville grown band has held together remarkably well and have since passed the mile markers that usually pull a band apart. For two and half years now they’ve been creating original songs and performing at the legendary Stage and the Tin Roof on a regular basis. The band is best known for their strong live performances with a sound that appeals to audiences from rock-n-roll and the country music worlds. Five members make up the band with Weaver on vocals and guitar, Matt “Ice” Iceman, drums, Cornelius “Corn” Perry, Bass, Jeff Harper -guitar, and Ben Owens, guitar. Although the band has not yet broken into mainstream, they have a strong cult following through their constant touring. They’ll be touring the South this fall including, Jackson, TN, Austin, TX, Knoxville, TN, Lexington, KY, Murfreesboro, TN, Columbia SC, Macon GA, Atlanta, GA, Starkville, MS, Birmingham, AL. Overall, the music feels like an old friend that you’d take on a long road trip. The songs range in their diversity from soulful sounds of Everything I Used To Be and ten years, to the melodic tunes Go Easy On me, So Damn Beautiful, and Travelin. Downloads are available at i-Tunes , CD Baby and other major on-line music sites. So Damn Beautiful has made it to Nashville’s local radio station, Lightning 100. The live performance can be viewed on You tube and was sponsored by Race to the Radio on The Chris Weaver band is currently managed by In Tune Entertainment - Jackson Music Examiner


The Chris Weaver Band will be performing live Friday, February 5th, at the Riverstone Saloon in Murfreesboro, and you can get in and eat for free!

With a voice that draws you in immediately, your first thought as you listen will likely be “Why haven‘t I heard these guys on the radio yet?”. Of course, if they have their way, and they should, you’ll get your wish soon. With a new album coming out next month and a strong local fan base, CWB is on their way.

Their sound is a beautiful blend of classic rock (with an almost southern flavor), a bluesy undertone, and an alternative kick here and there for good measure . My personal favorite “So Damn Beautiful” is full of raw emotion, showcasing the way a mans love for a woman can get right down in his bones.

Guys, presenting that song as a gift to your lady “because it makes you think of her” is good for brownie points that are redeemable for life (or at least the life of the relationship). If you find yourself in trouble, just put this song on and instantly take her back to a time when she not only didn’t want to hurt you, but thought you were the best thing to ever grace this world with their presence.

Go here to listen to CWB now and head to the Riverstone Saloon in Mufreesboro to catch them live on Friday nights . Does the economy have your wallet feeling a little on the thin side, but you still want in? We’ve got you covered. Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with “I Want In!” as the subject line and two lucky winners will get free admission and dinner for two (but if you want alcoholic beverages with the meals, it's on you) for next Friday night’s show - all courtersy of Riverstone.

Winners will be chosen at random and announced the morning of the show. Share this link with friends so you can leverage your kind nature for the chance to go with if their entry is a winner. -


Their album titled Standing In Line, features the single "So Damn Beautiful," which recently made its debut on Lightning 100 (100.1 - Nashville). Frequently requested and played, the single has become a local favorite in the Nashville area.



Some people were born to be doctors. Some people were born to be teachers. Chris Weaver was born to be a musician. Growing up in West Virginia, his father was a travelling musician for over 25 years. Chris was bitten with “the music bug” from an early age of just ten and started to hone his craft through influences like Cocker, Petty, Morrison and Mellencamp . “It’s all I could ever remember wanting to do,” Weaver states. “I wanted to write like them, sing like them but just do it in a way that would be my own.” While honing his sound, Weaver received an opportunity to play his very first show, opening up for country star Patty Loveless.
Shortly after, Chris knew if he was going to succeed he needed to move to where he would be surrounded by music. So naturally he chose Music City, Nashville, Tennessee and put together a band. The Chris Weaver Band quickly began making its mark upon Nashville landing highly coveted shows on the famed Broadway strip. Locals, tourists and even celebrities make it a point to watch the energetic Weaver deliver an unforgettable performance night in and night out. Seeing the groundswell of enthusiasm starting to form Weaver decided to self-produce his very first album. ‘Standing in Line’ was released in the Spring of 2010 and fans couldn’t be happier. Neither could Chris for that fact, as one of the major radio stations in Nashville, Lightning 100, played their debut single “So Damn Beautiful” regularly and fans began flocking to their shows.
In 2011, the Chris Weaver Band is riding on a wave of momentum and headed back into the studio to start production on their second album with legendary producer Josh Leo, who has produced greats such as Jimmy Buffett, Glen Fry, Reba McEntire, Alabama, Toto and Leann Rimes. With the stage set, the Chris Weaver Band is planning for a break out year and continued success in the future.