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Chris Webb Band

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
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"Songwriter Chris Webb fulfills a dream at the Fox"

Chris Webb says he`s living the American dream, and it`s hard to doubt his sincerity.
The 26-year-old singer-songwriter had a successful band in his hometown of Chicago before moving to Boulder, earning a music degree from the University of Colorado and starting a solo career.
This summer, he figured the time was right to quit his job at Radio Shack, drive 7,000 miles across the Midwest and play music, if not for a living, at least for an experience. The 14-day, 14-city tour gave him a taste of a life he had long imagined - and it was everything he hoped it would be.
"I met so many people, and I had so many crazy nights where you wake up in the morning and try to trace back how it ended up that way," Webb says. "You think that people might do this all the time, and it`s just an amazing concept that this is your lifestyle."
Webb fulfills another dream - and a right of passage among Boulder musicians - with a headline slot at the Fox Theatre on Tuesday. But what really excites the singer-guitarist is not the prospect of fortune or fame, but the genuine possibility of making music an even bigger part of his life.
"I basically spend about four hours a day practicing and writing music," he says. "I`ve always been obsessed with songwriting. That`s the source of passion in my music."
Webb says studying classical composition at CU taught him to appreciate the intricate structures and forms that hold a good song together. Lyrically, he considers songwriting a release for love, sadness, anger, hope and other emotions - as long as they`re real.
"A lot of times I cringe when I listen to my own songs because I`m exposing things that I notice I`m not really comfortable talking about," he says. "But it comes out in the song, and it comes out in a way that I`m not as afraid to say it. I wish I could be that honest with the rest of my life."
The Chris Webb Band - which will back Webb on Tuesday - is a revolving cast of local musicians, some of whom played on his 2004 solo debut, "Left to Write." Webb says he`d eventually like to be part of a permanent lineup, but it has been hard to hold a band together when jobs, families and everyday life pull people in so many directions.
"So I find myself looking at it and saying I need to promote myself regardless of what else is going on," he says. "There`s just such a community of musicians here (that) you almost don`t need to have a band because at all times you have access to hundreds of musicians."
Webb recently moved to Denver`s Capitol Hill neighborhood, where he says new people and unfamiliar venues have opened up more opportunities to play. He`s in the market for management and a record label to release his next album, on which he wants to move beyond singer-songwriter simplicity to more complex music arranged like a symphony - or at least like the later Beatles.
Webb still works part time to pay the rent, but he sees himself in a transition from the daily grind to the life he`s always wanted. And he`s confident that the more time he can put into his music, the more that work will pay off.
"It`s almost like a compulsive disorder that I can`t give up the dream," Webb says. "I`m going to be 27 next month, and there was one point where I thought if I didn`t make it by 24 or 25 it would be too late.
"But my whole understanding of that has changed because as an artist I`ve only developed. I`m more passionate and more clear on who I am. So from that perspective, I`m more ready now than ever to be successful."
Contact Camera Staff Writer Eric Schmidt at (303) 473-1628 or
- Daily Camera, The (Boulder, CO)

"Excellent folk rock from a terrific new voice"

This CD starts off with an upbeat folk rock song, Find the Groove, that instantly grabs your attention. Other highlights are the beautiful ballad All Stands Around Me and the almost Jerry Garcia like Talkin to the Devil. Chris has a terrific clear voice and all of the songs seem to go in unexpected directions. Another highlight is the percussion added by members of Caberet Diosa which keeps the set upbeat and fun. Excellent folk rock from a terrific new voice. - Boulder RS on Left to Write

"Stand Out Artist"

I remember hearing Chris Webb at the Boulder Songwriter's Night a year ago. Even though Nissi's was still under construction, I was confident that Chris would be playing our venue. I was impressed with his songwriting ability, wonderful vocals and being able to engage an audience when he played.

Chris has since played Nissi's and will be a regular here. The audience loves him and he continues to grow as a songwriter. I see Chris as one of the few that has that special something making him stand out as an artist.

Teresa Taylor

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"Webb catches Band"

Webb catches band
By PETER MARCUS - January 18, 2007
Denver musician Chris Webb just couldn’t do it alone.

He said it was fun to be recording and performing solo material, but in the end, he was missing the “band” at the end of his name.

“It came to the point where I realized that I was missing the band, the ability to play back-and-forth and develop as a band,” he told the Denver Daily News yesterday in between hitting the slopes at Keystone Ski Resort. “I needed the ‘band’ at the end of my name.”

Ad on CraigsList

So, he did what most yearning musicians do — he posted an ad on CraigsList and found himself two musicians, Ian Tometich on drums and Neil Hebbert on bass.

With Webb on the guitar, writing most of the songs, the trio has become a Colorado homegrown sensation, performing to packed audiences all over the metro area, including the Fox Theatre in Boulder, and the Gothic Theatre in Denver.

At the Lazy Dog

The Chris Webb Band will perform in Boulder tonight at the Lazy Dog.

The self-described Ben Harper-esque band encompasses the Colorado homegrown tradition of combining song-based rock and roll with folk and a little jam.

“We’re very focused on everything revolving around the actual song,” said Webb.

No-spin songs

He said that the songs he writes are about whatever comes out, though he does not like to take a political spin.

Many of the songs, Webb said without wanting to sound cliche, are about the power of love.

“We try to create songs that tend to focus on a part of your life,” he said. “When you try to remember to that one time in your life, often a song will pop into your head, we want it to be our song.”

The Chris Webb Band plans on heading into the studio next month to create an album that captures the essence of the band.

“We’re looking to get the image that surrounds us, the vibe in the scene, the type of atmosphere at the shows, we want it to be more about the experience we go through than saying something in particular.”

True and sincere

Webb would like the music he writes to remain true and sincere even years down the road when people have forgotten about what the President was saying today, or what war was going on at the time the song was written.

Many of his songs are simply about staying positive, or finding the positive in a negative situation.

“So when I say I fall on my face, I’m really saying she broke me down right when I was about to get too high,” Webb explained. “I have a very positive outlook on life, it keeps you healthy.” - Denver Daily News

"The Chris Webb Band Blew Us Away!"

When I hired The Chris Webb Band for a gig at the Highland Tavern last Saturday night, I had not yet seen them perform live. However, countless recommendations had come my way from many friends and colleagues so I was looking forward to seeing if the band would live up to the expectations...and they blew them away!

On this subzero Colorado evening, it would have been very easy for everyone to just stay home and hunker down. But that was not the case on this night. The Webb faithful, and the soon to be faithful, all made there way through the ice and snow to the Tavern to catch the show, and I must say, the boys did not disappoint.

With three sets of soaring vocals, and tight blistering jams, Webb and his 3 piece band (including a saxophone player) had the whole room grinning and dancing, soon forgetting the cold weather outside. The band, grinning right along, appeared to be just as happy to be there.

If you have not had the chance to catch The Chris Webb Band, do yourself a favor and go, no matter what the weather! - HomeVibe Presents

"Chris Webb Band ... Finally!"

From Portland to Chicago to Atlanta to Longmont, the Chris Webb Band assembles to make Colorado their launching pad. And Why Not? Denver is the home and birthplace of not only iTunes’ Top 10-selling acts, but also it is consistently putting quality music into the airwaves all over the world. The music scene here is untapped, a river of creative juices overflowing, and with the current state of the music business, this town will only keep brewing ideas with vision and vigor.

The Chris Webb Band is no stranger to the music scene here in Denver. Members Chris Webb (guitar, lead vocals), Ryan Cook (lead guitar), Neil Ross (bass, vocals) and Lucas Clarke (drums) have shared the stage many times together throughout Colorado. CWB has been featured on the 9news Peacock Café, the Bolder Boulder, and has played to sold-out crowds at the Fox Theatre in Boulder.

Music carries a strong power with it. All the members of CWB carry similar experiences when playing music, either live or in the studio. “When I reach that point during practice, listening, or performing where all my senses are only tuned in to the music, then the rest of the world goes away,” says Ross. “To be able to make people and myself happy by doing something that I love is a wonderful feeling.” While the entire CWB concert is an uplifting moment, the solo work that guitarist, Ryan Cook, grasps is indeed a highlight unto its own and it never ends without the crowd’s cheers. Cook’s sound is a blended resonance of Jimi Hendrix and Joey Santiago. “ I play music to connect with people, whether it be the audience, band mates, or myself.” Drummer, Lucas Clarke, the original drummer for Chill Factor in Portland, is not afraid to clutch new ideas musically, no matter the size of the task. States, Clark, “I play music to explore creative boundaries that I feel are rarely touched through other artistic mediums.”

Frontman Chris Webb released Left to Write as a solo act before CWB was formed. Now, the Chris Webb Band has a self-titled EP, and a single, “Rose From A Melody,” available on iTunes. “I have spent so much time trying to figure out what my sound is. It has not been until I stopped trying to figure it out, that I finally realized that I had my own unique sound all along. I love nothing more than a well-written song that creates focused emotion and leaves room for some sweet improvisation, live. We are a good-time band that likes to have fun. We think that shows are about being with friends and having a good time.”

The Chris Webb Band exudes energy with dynamics only great musical minds can comprehend. With an ever-growing strong fan base, Colorado music lovers will see the continuing rise of a band that describes their sound as Colorado Roots music.

by Dave Preston - Colorado Music Buzz - 04/01/09

"CWB @ Highland Pacific - 1/28/09"

I saw the Chris Webb Band last weekend at "Highland Pacific" off of 32nd street in the Highlands and since I am such a Yelper I HAD to write about them. I don't really care that their isn't a "band" section.

Highland Pacific is a fairly small restaurant consisting of about 15-18 tables which is why I was surprised to find a band there, but boy were we in for a treat. The band was lined up against the large window and their backs were turned to 32nd Street. The first thing that I thought was when we arrived was that the band would be too loud for the space and we wouldn't be able to talk to each other (conversation is very important on a third date). The volume was excellent and the lead singer (Chris) had an amazing voice which immediately stood out to me. Typically I have found in Denver that when you see live music you get a group of really talented musicians and the singer is always the one who let's you down. This was not the case with the Chris Webb Band, the musicianship was amazing (especially the bass player) and the vocals shined through like a spotlight in the rain. They played mostly original music and threw in a couple of cover songs (Sublime, Paul Simon) but the original music and songwriting was great, truly some of the best that i have heard since I have been in Denver. The music willed you from your seat and on to the "dancing area" (there wasn't really a dance floor) and the lyrics were audible and very catchy, just a great night on the whole. The only thing I was bummed about was that they didn't have a CD...oh well I guess I will have to get my Chris Webb Band fix at their next show instead of in my car. -


Our latest single, "Rose from a Melody," featuring a full 8 piece string section, will be available exclusively online. A preview of this song can be found on this EPK.

Chris Webb Band - Live from KBCO 97.3's Studio C, featuring "On the One Hand" & "Take You Dancing."

Chris Webb Band EP, "You Change the World" (1st single)



That sound filling your head isn't a daydream: you are hearing the Chris Webb Band, a Denver, CO based Roots Rock band hinged on fusing rhythms and styles from varying genres including Rock, Latin, Reggae, Funk and Folk. The Chris Webb Band's music weaves an intricate tapestry of sound without abandoning their pop sensibility. Founded in 2006, the Chris Webb Band has quickly risen through the ranks of the Colorado music scene, showcasing their eclectic style with high-energy live performances. Bear witness to any Chris Webb Band performance and enjoy their group interplay, rich harmonies, introspective lyrics, strong rhythmic variations, and solid musicianship, the sum of which making every CWB show a must-see event.