Chris Willis

Chris Willis

BandEDMAdult Contemporary

What I deliver is a brand of powerfully soulful pop with a soul edge and deep gospel roots


I'm a performance cameleon. I can deliver a powerful show with tracks or just a piano. My ultimate live experience is a full band with 9 singers. Many of my tunes feature a heavy backing vocal section. My love of lush vocals stems from my roots in Gospel. My influences include the obvious: Stevie Wonder, Jeffery Osbourne and James Ingram. All time favorite and the voice I most try to emulate is Donny Hathaway.
I stick out because I aspire to be the diva without the attitude. I love to give a phenomenal vocal presentation with flawless musical elements loaded with gripping lyrics and tons of harmony whether I'm singing to track or backed up by a 6piece band and singers.


Set Me Free

Written By: Chris Willis

In my silence
I've been trying to tell you everything My words can't say
By your silence
I can tell you're feeling the same way.

Set me free
Let me be the one who pays the price
Who makes the sacrifice
From what I see, under lock and key
Is love so perfect calling out desperately...
Set me free.

In your silence
I can tell you may not want rediscover
The burning yearning deep inside
By my silence
Let me show you trust that will never
Run dry

Repeat chorus

Don't worry baby
I'll be gentle with your heart
Hold onto me baby
I can see there's an angel beneath
The scars



Most notable is a generous gift of performing on Quincy Jones endoresed Handel's Messiah a Soulful Celebration."Every Valley" the track I'm featured on with fellow gospel vocalist Elizabeth Lee.

In Paris I had the stellar good fortune of working with super dj David Guetta. We collaborated on many house tracks one of which has seen magnificent light "Just A Little More Love" . It recieved heavy spins in Paris and surrounding territories summer 2001. Had pretty significant airplay on KTU in New York. I think it's the feel good hope song of the decade.

Set List

My club shows, mostly in Europe are track sets. They are 30 minutes long and burn from top to bottom. The collaboration with aformentioned David Guetta produced many club hits still in rotation all over Europe. This set includes the following titles:
Get Up
Don't Stop
People Come People Go
Don't Let Me Go
Just A Little More Love

When I have the chance to do a live show with 6 piece band and at least 6 singers, one of my favorite covers is a house version of "Nobody Does It Better". The rest of the set includes live versions of the house tracks composed with David Guetta and a peppering of a couple ballads reminiscent of Roberta Flack and James Ingram.
The ballad titles added to the set above are all original tunes:
Set Me Free
You're So Strong
My Precious