Chris Wind aka Cykotik

Chris Wind aka Cykotik

BandHip HopFunk

Hip-hop's true anti-hero has emerged: Chris Wind aka Cykotik!! Proficient in the ancient arts of performance, production, and just about EVERYTHING else music, Chris Wind and his Wind Clan are sure to bring the house down every time and leave you craving for more!!!


With musical influences spanning all genres, and a life that has thrown every pitfall and peril his way, it's no wonder that his talents are packaged in two personas! Chris Wind aka Cykotik, currently located in Tallahassee, FL draws inspiration from everything from Dr. Dre to Nirvana. He is the prided leader of the Wind Clan and younger cousin of music mogul, Kevin Liles (WMG). Affiliated with George Clinton and P-Funk, TJ's DJs, Inc., Shady Records, DJ Demp Productions, and Crunk!!! Energy Drink, Chris is the next to blow!!


"Mr. Sensational", "Yeah (Hell Yeah)", "Fuk U 2", etc.

Set List

Shows usually include around 5 songs (based around a theme), the fan favorite "Mr. Sensational", a DJ interlude, and crowd participation segments.