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Chris Zonada


Chris Zonada is a one-man musical variety act, performing original songs in different styles such as folk, pop, jazz, and even some guitar comedy.

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It Was

Written By: Christopher V Tuazon


They told me 'careful what you wish for
because one day it might come true
and on that day my world came crashing into you
just like a fairy tale, I thought it'd never fail

and when you went away my life became a haze
I crossed all the lines to find a better place
and if you tell me that I am the best mistake you ever made
I will stand up and take a bow....

'cause after that first kiss it'd never been the same
every breath I took I was sayin your name
and we both thought this was a game, but it was love...
when it takes forever just to say goodbye
I take a deep breath to keep myself from cryin
I can tell by the look in your eyes that it was love....

it was...
it was love, and it was beautiful


They tell me it's just a matter of time
So I'll just wait for the next best thing
But then I wonder, How long will it take for me to face your smile again....


How I wish that I could hold you again...

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Set List

Standard full set list is 45 minutes including mostly original music and 3 - 4 covers. Sets may be broken up with a short break 30/20.