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"Ric DelNero and Chromatica"

This trio from the Bloomsburg, PA area, describes their music as "electric jazz." They return to Homegrown Music with a new collection of their original instrumental music, featuring creative compositions and fine guitar work. - George Graham, WVIA FM


Tonight Ric DelNero shows his unique guitar playing style. Rick is unmatched!!!
- Mike Mollo.. Blam Music


"Very unique style and sound! I hope to witness Chromatica again sometime soon!" - Jim Price, Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


"Played a distinctive style of jazz, marked by interesting and unusual chording and chord shifts, executed with tight and sharp musicianship." - Jim Price, The Pennsylvania Musician


"Truely unbelievable guitar work. I had a hard time not getting down." - Jared Zarnowski, Flashchudder


Good work. Great performances. - Richard Rupert Green Valley Recording

"Ric DelNero and CHROMATICA"

"I have been at fusion and prog reviews since 1997 and listened critically to more CDs than I can possibly remember clearly, so . . . every once in awhile, my ears perk up and my well-fed fusion beast inside growls approval before it lays back down contented in nostalgic dreams of the finer riffs of yore.

Ric DelNero and Chromatica's Out of Bounds was just spinning when my jaded brain awoke to well above average and very listenable fusion axe, bass, drums and synthy-axed embellishings. Holdsworth fans and dreamy proggers will enjoy this all instrumental offering with nary bit of filler in the 11-track CD. Recommended fusion."

- John W. Patterson of and

"Ric DelNero and Chromatica."

Talented Bloomsburg jazz-rock fusion guitarist has been appearing on the series going back to the late 1980s. After an extended absence, he returns with a new set of first-rate original instrumental compositions, performed in an electric trio setting.

- George Graham, WVIA FM


Out Of Bounds (CD 2007)




a fusion of jazz, rock, avant garde, ambient, blues, funk,electronica, modern classical, world music and many more....

an explosion of musical colors and soundscapes...

a sonic journey to the boundaries of possabilities in sound...

a progressive jazz-rock fusion trio.

Recent News...

CHROMATICA is one of the featured artists at, an online project for discovering newer or older styles, world music, crossover or! Produced by Anthony Zawinul, Son of legendary keyboardist, Joe Zawinul.

also a featured artist on "New Album Releases"and "Homegrown Music", WVIA fm. Hosted by the phenominal producer and radio personality George Graham.

CHROMATICA's stellar debut CD titled "Out Of Bounds" is now available! You can listen to and purchase the CD at:

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