Pure, uncompromised melodies supported by fluid guitars and a mathematically precise ryhthm section. Our vocal melodies and lyrics pull at your deepest inner emotions while the supporting architecture of the band will satisfy most modern rock and progressive enthusiasts.


Chromaticism is a modern rock band based out of Yonkers, NY. Formed in January of 2004 by Ryan Scully, Spencer Sinkov and Andy Stark, the band since it's inception has set out to create a benchmark in the current modern rock scene. Infused with raw aggression and deep emotion, Chromaticism seeks to capture their listener's ears with each and every note.

The band had finally found it's true voice in the summer of 2005. Long time friend and musical colleague Joe Scalone added his virtuosic guitar talents, allowing for Ryan to assume the role of lead vocals/guitar. Comprised of its members influences in Classical/Jazz/Progressive/Rock and Funk, a truly unique blend of sound textures were created.

In the Spring of 2006, Chromaticism had suffered the loss of their friend and founding member Spencer. Unsure as to what the future would hold for the band, along came Anthony "Brock" Brockington. With the help of Anthony's deeply inspired musical voice, Chromaticism was able to carry on their initial statement as well as look ahead towards new territories.

The summer of 2007 has brought the band�s first release �Deconstructing Kharma�. The
Disc spans the group�s humble beginnings to their most recent experimentations. The themes of life, love, tragedy and perseverance can be heard throughout the 8 song Collaboration. The blistering opening track �Refrain From Sinking� as well as the epic closer �The Cards� provide plenty for the listener craving pure rockers. Ryan Scully�s angelic, yet tortured voice can be heard in its full spectrum on tracks such as �Inferior I Stand� as well as �In A Scent�. Altogether, the album is a strong showcase for the compositional integrity and tight performance standard for this New York based quartet.

Chromaticism plans to heavily promote and tour through 2007 in support of �Deconstructing Kharma�. The band would not have seen the light of day nor sustained themselves through utter tragedy were it not for their loyal family, friends and


In A Scent

Written By: Chromaticism


Verse 1:
And I crawl to feel your flavor when it fills the air
You’re deceptively conducive through your hair
In a scent that fails to leave you
When it hurts to stand and see you
Will someone bring me back to life..
Pre-Chorus 1:
My 5 senses are melting away
Compromising my sanity
There’s just enough to drain the blood right from my veins
So Beautiful –
I want to feel you breathing on my chest
I come to find your just a waste of time
Verse 2:
And my chest begins to quiver when I see your stare
I’m helplessly imprisoned if you care
In a scent that fails to leave you
When it hurts to stand and see you
Will someone bring me back to life
Pre-Chorus 2: (repeat)
Chorus: (repeat)
My eyes research the blueprints on you
To try and taste your lips those sacred fruits
My five senses – are melting away and –
Compromising my sanity - - - - -
This time, I can’t bear
To see you walk away in fear
There’s not enough to keep you here
I’m cursed, broke and alone
Has it gone to far(don’t care)
Will I ever sleep(no chance)
This mind can rest when I’m laying next to you ----(carries into last chorus)
Chorus(outro) - repeat


Current Release - "Deconstructing Kharma"(EP)

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