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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Shake Magazine - Spring Issue - Nashville,TN"

Chromium Blitz is a creative rock band that utilizes aural composition and mix ideas from the good sounds of progressive music. They offer a mixture of seventies style prog-rock of a British flavor mixed with American influences and modern technology."Contrivance" definately has an "Ozzy" vibe. It's mostly a lead vocal similarity by Clarke."Life is Waiting" has some Zeppelin feel. And why not? Any good power rock group is going to have some of that. There's a definite heavy metal feel throughout but not in a silly way like Spinal Tap. It's a case of their roots coming from classic stuff. - Jess Marich

"Nashville Music Guide - March Issue - Pick Artist and Pick Album - Music City Pop/Rock Corner"

Chromium Blitz's first album will fill the musical taste of those souls who have missed good ole' fashioned rock. Imagine songs that blend Ozzy Osbourne, Lynyrd Skynard and Triumph. Clean guitar, organs, bluesy licks, layered harmonies all delivered in a driving rock style. My pick songs are "Contrivance", "Baby I Smile", "Year of Black", "Til' the Bitter End", and "Life is Waiting". The album moves across the styles of Progressive Rock, British Metal, and Southern Rock using that clean in your face 80's Rock production that made Rock rule! - Barye Cassell

"Taxi - April 2003"

You guys have a very cohesive sound, like you've been playing for years. I really like that the guitar is so prominently featured in this song. It's a very strong, very engaging element that provides a great foundation for the vocal. The lyric writing is clever, great play on words, highlighting that the guitar will love you no matter what.
Your chorus section is strong and really pulls the song together. It's very memorable and easy to sing along with because of the slow bluesy tempo.
I did browse through the rest of your CD, it sounds like you guys are heading in the right direction. Long live guitar rock! Peace #121

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LP: Chromium Blitz - Hardtimes
Release Date: January 3, 2003
Label: Chromium Blitz Records

Singles Currently Receiving Airplay:
Contrivance, Til' the Bitter End,
Read Between the Lines, Year of Black,
Breaking the Rules


Feeling a bit camera shy


Chromium Blitz originates from Nashville, Tennessee. The driving force behind the band is the chemistry among its members in songwriting and performance over the years. The group posseses a very cohesive sound resulting in a mixture of colorful musical styles, channeling together American Hard Rock, Pop and Progressive Rock, British Metal, Retro, and a touch of Southern Blues.

The ingredient that sets this group apart from other current bands today is the lead vocalists. Scott Clarke and Ricardo Galvan display a broad spectrum of range giving the listener the choice in vocal preference and a variety of aural color in each song. Which is always refreshing and never boring. Topping it off, their soaring harmonies wiil capture you, as well as the crunchy guitar riffs, scorching lead solos, haunting keyboard passages and thundering bass and drum grooves.

The songs written are based on factual, real-life experiences through the years, hence the CD's title, Hardtimes. The groups name is a symbol of the intensity, passion, variety, and reflective style it presents to tape. Through persistent determination and true love of the art, it is presented to you now. Versatility in rock is finally here!