Daly City, California, USA
BandEDMHip Hop

In a era where hip hop has devolved into a derivative of pop music, its is Chron4's goal to reinvigorate this spirit by applying vocalism to emerging styles of electronic dance music


Breaking out of the ever-burgeoning Bay Area electronic music scene is a fresh new project from
Lowpro Lounge co-founder James Christopher-Chron4. A staple in San Francisco and beyond for some time, Christopher has
comprised a MC/DJ/Production band of sorts, built around characteristically dynamic production and a
diverse delivery of decadent sound. Chron4 is a four person collective featuring Christopher plus long time collaborator JLS and MC’s ill45 (STS9's Peoples Remix) and Manny Vibes. Together, the foursome push an innovative and eclectic
take on original productions centered on dubstep, electro house, dirty south, minimal drum & bass and drumstep beats plus concise lyrical delivery.

Hailing from an area busting from the seams with experienced and explosive talent, Chron4
brought together four sound pros offering an impressive taste of old meets new. While their studio
sound enjoys a more radio friendly, crowd pleaser appeal, Chron4’s live shows showcase a darker, more
banger-filled quality. All in all, they act as a seamlessly cohesive unit, deftly able to rock the club and
stimulate the ears.

Currently working on a new EP for Christopher's new label ihatefun Recs, there’s much reason to be excited for the
members of Chron4. Boasting past collaborations and appearances with the likes of STS9, Wu Tang
Clan, LL Cool J, Cash Money Records, Lateef the Truthspeaker, Evol Intent, KJ Sawka (of Pendulum) and Skream to name a few, Christopher, JLS, ill45 and Manny Vibes are poised for big, so keep your ears to the ground.


Chron4 - Brazen Panda, 1320 Records (2011)

Chron4 - Get Lost, Smash & Grab Remix, 1320 Records (2011)

Chron4 - The Get Lost Remixes, ihatefun Recordings (2011)

1320 Showcase Compilation - Live @ Re:Creation, 1320 Records (2011)