Chronic Detour

Chronic Detour


Heavy rock with melodic agressive vocals.


Two sets of two brothers came together to form Chronic Detour. Continued from the previous bands or the guys (The Carbon Parlor, The Rise and Fall Of Western Society), Chronic Detour continue on their path of playing music to whoever wants to hear it. Chronic Detour’s previous line-up
(then named Carbon Parlor) had in the past performed at the official 100th HarleyFest for Harley Davidson Motorcycles at the World Festival Grounds in Milwaukee Wisconsin and Summerfest 2004/2003. They also played shows in support of such bands as Saliva, COC, Clutch, The Cult, Gravity Kills, Revis, Ministry, Orange Goblin, Craving Theo, Perv-54, My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, Seether, and more.
Chronic Detour has received recognition in various forms of media inclusive of radio airplay, published articles, and webzine reviews. They have recieved radio airplay on such radio stations as;
- Milwaukee's Lazer 103 (recently renamed to “the Hog”)
- Rock 102.1,
- Madison’s 94.1 WJJO
- MSOE's 91.7 WMSE
- 95.1 WIIL(Kenosha)
- LA radio I104.7(L.A., Calif.)
- 93.1 X Rocks (Minneapolis, MN)
- Q101.1 (Chicago, IL)
- I100.1 N.A.R. (Ohio)


Come With Me

Written By: Chronic Detour

You need her, Back in your life.
Come with me, I'll show you the light.
Come with me, let me show you
let you see, come with me.
I told you, you need her in your life.
Come with me, I'll show you the light.
Come with me, let me show you.
Let you see, come with me.
entertain me, so you can never leave.
You hear me, wispering your name.
Silently, you understand my name.
Come with me, I can fix your pain.
Come with me, you understand my name.


Chronic Detour “Sweet Tooth” EP 2006
Carbon Parlor "Riff Heavy Rock Ready" EP 2004
Carbon Parlor self titled EP 2002
White Blotter “Body and Mind” 2000

Set List

Our typical set list is 40-50 mins. or all original music.