Chronic Frailty

Chronic Frailty

 Brownwood, Texas, USA

As is often the case in the real world that they play and sing about...the Chronic Frailty sound is melodic, powerful, relevant and musically sensible with periodic interludes of disharmony, strife and chaos.


Genre: Rock/Melodic Hardcore/Alternative

Origin: Central Texas, USA

Band Website: Under Construction

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Contact Info:
EMail -

Phone - (325)642-4497


Micah (Vocals)
Anthony (Guitars)
Blake (Guitars, BGV, Synth, Programming)
John (Bass)
Eche (Drums)

Chronic Frailty was birthed a couple of years ago in an apartment in central Texas by some musicians that just simply wanted to get together and make powerful, relevant music.

Blending hardcore, metal, classic rock, and melodic rock influences provides the canvas for Chronic Frailty to paint a very vivid picture of positivity, change, and a genuine desire to impact the listener with in-your-face messages of pain, laughter, love, and sincerity.

Musically the guys enhance these messages with biting melodic guitar, flowing synth lines, and a rhythm section that hits like a sledge hammer.

The live Chronic Frailty show is enhanced by an obvious desire to please the people on the floor, while giving them a show they will not soon forget.

The entire band engages the audience from the first downbeat and culminates with a crowd that has been whipped into a fury of excitement...usually with the band actually playing IN the audience if accessible.

Here is a sample of what people are saying about Chronic Frailty...
“Kept the crowd on their feet for the entire length of the concert!” -The Coleman Chronicle

“I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!” –Drue Mitchell (Music Director, KVRK, Power FM, 89.7FM, Dallas, TX)

“Chronic Frailty is the sound we’ve been looking for at this radio station…” –Tonya Taylor (Program Director, KPSM 99.3FM, The Rock, Brownwood, TX)

“Epic Instrumentation” –Red Letter Rock Fest

“Amazing musical talent with genuine, heartfelt lyrics” –Brianne Webb (Director Music Acquisitions, Tate Music Group)

"Great show...everyone LOVED it." The Ark


EP and LP are forthcoming.
We have songs in rotation on KPSM 99.3FM Brownwood, TX, KVRK 89.7PowerFM Dallas, TX,
KEYJ 107.9 FM Abilene, TX
We also have streaming tracks at

Set List

Our typical set list is about 35-45 minutes long and typically includes these songs...
Destruction Scheme
Still Searching
Test Of Things To Come
Sin Eater