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Chronic Jester

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, United States | SELF

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
Band R&B Funk


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"Chronic Jester: Exploring the Cosmos with One Toe in the Caribbean"

Story and Photo by Shelly Swanger
October 14, 2010 Issue

If you have recently rung a cowbell or hula-hooped, it’s very possible you were at a Chronic Jester show. It seems the fun-loving band with the funny name (it means “always playing the fool”) is everywhere these days

The trio is comprised of guitarist-vocalist Phillip Vaughn, bassist Lucas Garrett and drummer Brad Fuller. Chronic Jester was formed out of the ashes of an old band the three once played in. As bassist Garrett recalls, “Our group broke up, and once the smoke cleared we were the three left standing.”

Performing together since 2008, Chronic Jester is one of the hardest working bands around. On any given night, you might find them playing anywhere from Panama City Beach to Pensacola. Their brand of rock—infused with reggae, blues and funk flavors—is infectious. Their musical style is a tribute to the sounds they all loved growing up: Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd, Sublime and Bob Marley for starters.

A Chronic Jester show is more that just a listening experience. The group is known for the famous “toy box” they break out at every show. The crowd is encouraged to help themselves to a hula-hoop, tambourine, cowbell or a crazy hat. Vaughn laughs as he says, “We are an interactive experience for sure.”

Vaughn, Garrett and Fuller come from different parts of the country and different musical styles. Vaughn is from central Florida and began singing onstage when he was five years old, performing at revivals with his father. Fuller hails from Wisconsin, but his music has taken him all over the country.

Garrett is a homegrown guy from just over the bridge in Freeport. He chuckles as he recounts his first guitar that he bought for a dollar when he was 15 years old. Throughout the years, he had no luck finding work as a guitar player because “everybody and their brother plays guitar.” So he took up the bass, knowing bass players were more in demand. He bought himself a cell phone he couldn’t afford, got some cheap business cards printed offering his services, and soon the phone started ringing. He’s been playing bass every since.

Because Chronic Jester plays a wide variety of venues in front of all kinds of people, I ask them how they select the songs for their shows. “We really go onstage each time and read the crowd before deciding what to play,” says Vaughn. “We have never used a set list, so each show is totally different.”

What keeps them going through the daily grind of playing so many gigs and trying to navigate the often-difficult music business? The three answer in unison: “Persistence and never taking no for an answer.” Adds Vaughn: “We are really just trying to be true to ourselves and true to our craft.”

While the three may perform covers and bring toys for the fans to play with, they are also serious about growing musically and writing their own original tunes. Fuller says they have nine original songs so far and are working on more. They have plans to record their first full-length CD in the coming year. They also have their sights set on expanding their fan base by touring regionally throughout Florida and beyond.

With their great music and interactive fan experiences, Chronic Jester looks to be on the path to success. As the band’s motto goes, you can’t argue with people dancing. Local music fans should definitely catch their upcoming performance at Pandora’s in Grayton Beach on Halloween Eve. To find out more about the band, visit

- The Beachcomber

"Recent Gigs"

Chronic Jester at Funky Blues Shack, Village of Baytowne Wharf, 11/7/08: The name of the band is Chronic Jester, but their music is no laughing matter. If awesome covers of the best rock, reggae and blues weren't enough, these guys have originals that will have you putting "Get hands on Chronic Jester demo" at the top of your To Do List. If you miss out on catching them perform, the joke's on you.

Tiffany Smith, Sandestin
Vol 8 Iss 24 Pg 12 - The Beachcomber


Chronic Jester
1. Terminal
2. Direction
3. Blur
4. Journey to Zion
5. Try
6. Gallows End
7. Debt Free
8. Reassurance
9. Vibe



Chronic Jester, based in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, is a high energy power trio whose strength lies in its own infectious brand of Reggae, Rock, Funk and Blues. Chronic Jester stands apart by being a song driven package that eschews self-indulgent noodling in favor of catchy tunes and vibrant melodies tied together with its own stylistic ribbon. Hypnotic reggae, booty shakin' funk, and scorching blues are topped off by spectacular instrumental interplay and deep in-the-pocket grooves. Live shows are further highlighted through use of the "Toy Box" (a collection of tambourines, cow bells, egg shakers, wood blocks, hats and hula-hoops) that lets fans contribute to the show.