Chronicles is a Christian Rock band based in Las Vegas. Combining their rock-influenced sound with keyboards and orchestral music, the group has found a musical formula that is unique and inspiring all in one package.


Chronicles was founded in 2003 by their drummer, Carlo Allanigue. Hailing from the Philippines, with 10 years of live production, he came to Las Vegas with the vision of Chronicles. It was here in Las Vegas that his vision became a reality. Chronicles soon became a popular name among the local music movements of the city. It was here that the band came together. Marva Allanigue, Daughter of the senior pastor of the Lord of Harvest church, and wife of Carlo Allanigue, would become an integral part of what Chronicles would be founded upon. Aside from being a guitarist/vocalist within the band, she is also the graphic designer, ranging from the band’s album covers and formats to the band’s photography. EJ Allanigue, Chronicles’ Bassist, as well as Carlo’s brother, was also brought onto the project at an early age, bringing with him his many musical influences. EJ would also become a key factor in building Chronicles foundation, band-wise as well as musically. As the foundation began to solidify, Matt Biel, Hailing from Anaheim California, Guitarist/vocalist for the band, later joined the group, inspired by the message they carried as well as the music they played. Coming from a deep musical background, Matt joined the group in the hopes that the music they would make would have meaning and, like any other musician, help change the world. Going into this endeavor, the group is vindicated in the notion that their purpose for the group is to spread a positive message throughout the world, through music. The common goal they all share as a group as well as individual musicians, is that the music they make as well as the message they carry will reach out to this generation in a different way and change this world for the better. Of the few years that the band has been together, they have already toured all over the west coast as well as many local venues in their hometown of Las Vegas. Diversity has become an important factor in what the band has been known for, not just in ethnicity, but musically as well. This diverse blend of experience and talent at an early stage of the band’s development gives them the edge and potential they need to reach the top, and at the same time, be a blessing to any community they might encounter. Driven by their love for music, Chronicles has become the powerful and influential musical movement it is today. The band has performed at many venues all over the west coast. From local venues in Las Vegas, California, and all the way up to Oregon, Chronicles has built up a reputation of on-stage musicality as well as off-stage integrity.


First album: GENERATION
1. Generation Cry
2. Stand Up
3. Generation
4. I Come to You
5. Rise Up
6. He Will Be There
7. I Surrender
8. Hold Me Now
9. Victory
10. Army of the Cross