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"The Chronicles added to more Radio lists"

The Chronicles are pleased to announce that we have been added to two new play lists:

Thanks to the southern Ontario college radio stations suport, plus podcasters from Calgary to Ottawa, and Detroit to Miami. - Press Release

"Chronicles top Notch"

April 2007
The Chronicles were brought to my attention by a fan who was on fire over their live performances in Toronto. He said it "is a great Rock experience..."

I can see how two Chronicles songs ("Lead Dog," "Toronto to Miami") won honorable mentions in this years Billboard Magazine Song Contest. The song writing is mature yet "balls to the wall" fun. Chronicles' songs tell a story and keep your toes tapping."

There are a lot of great indie bands coming out of Toronto. So how do you stand out? If it's in the song writing, then The Chronicles do. Give them a listen.... maybe two.
Allen Bubek - CanCon Radio

"The Chronicles Turn Heads"

Toronto [Canada] Rock bands seem to have this very specific sound that isn't easy to describe, but also doesn't really seem to be heard anywhere else in the world. I don't know what it is, but you can almost always tell where a band is from by the way their music sounds.

In this case THE CHRONICLES have a stereotypical Canadian rock sound along the lines of the Tragically Hip, yet their lyrics are something to be noted.

If anything, their lyrics alone are the highlight to this band's musicianship. You'll know what I mean when you listen to their track "Chronic Malcontent" with lyrics like:
"...So this is where it's at
It's a real hot spot
If this is what is cool
Then perhaps I am not
I agree that you're all that
Did I say that you're a bore
But if you ask me what I want
It's something else and something more..."

If you're in the Toronto area, I bet this would be a great rock band to check out live; their music just sounds like it should be played live for all to enjoy. Check 'em out! [Wednesday Elektra] - Space Junkies Magazine (January 2006)

"Detailed Interview with Joe and Jesse"

Wednesday Elektra [Wednesday]: How did 2005 treat The Chronicles?

Joe Chisholm [Joe]: Only when I reflect back now do I acknowledge how much has been done in one year. 2005 started with a binder of a dozen songs in varying stages of completion. The Chronicles didn't exist then. Jesse and I were committed then to putting our resources together, finding the right band mates and having a full-length CD out before year's end - looking back at where we were, it seems now like a grandiose plan back then. Our most worthwhile investment in time and money was joining the Songwriters Association of Canada. It's one of the many resources that we have heavily relied on to continue honing our craft as songwriters. There have been seminars and workshops, books, magazines, and the Internet - all of these resources have taught us about the art and business of music. But the greatest resource has the scrutiny of industry insiders. It's just such an advantage having mentors, teachers and critics such as Christopher Ward, John Capek, Lisa Dalbello and Moe Berg to draw on - people who have been there and don't sugar coat what they tell you. You need thick skin to put your heart and soul on the firing squad but if you want to commercially be more successful than a nobody who gets the praises of friends and family. We were already using Tim Cassidy to sing demos for us at the beginning of the year. We were happy enough with the encouragement that we were getting from various industry types in terms of how our songs were developing so we still needed to put the rest of the band together. I can't tell you how tired we were with the drum loop banks we were using on our demos and we were in search of a drummer. Andre was already fronting his own alt/country band called Canteen Knockout. He is also producing other indie acts ranging from Folk to Metal. Andre had an ad on "Kick In The" looking for a rock drumming gig. We called him up, interviewed him, swapped some CDs, and kept in touch and after a listen and a few chats Andre bought into the project. By summer we were sufficiently rehearsed, and the music was sufficiently rewritten and we were ready to record. My cousin and her husband have a roadside diner near Guelph [Ontario, Canada] and they introduced me to Brian Hewson who owns the recording studio we use, Escarpment Sound Studio. At the end of August we went in to record our first 5 songs. Originally we planned on finishing the full-length CD before Christmas but we spent the balance of 2004 promoting our EP to college and Internet radio stations.

Wednesday: Please tell us a little bit about your band along with who's currently in it and what motivated you to start the band in the first place?

Joe: The Genesis of The Chronicles is Jesse and I - a father/son song writing duo. Everyone thinks that is so cool. Music traditionally divided the generations so how wild is it that Jesse and I can be on the same page when it comes to song writing?

Add Tim Cassidy and Andre Skinnerin and The Chronicles have representation from the teens, 20's, 30's and 40's - that's not something you see in every band.

Jesse's musical history includes dabbling with piano lessons and then drum lessons, but found his groove playing my guitar. It was a chore to get Jesse to practice his piano and then drum lessons. But the guitar - it was a challenge to pry it out of his hands. More than once Jesse could be found asleep on top of his bed with his hands still holding the guitar. Jesse and I had long conversations about the evolution of popular music and what was good and bad about it. We both felt that too much of contemporary commercial music was uninspired. How much of the pop music of the last 5 years will be called classic-anything in 20 years and still listened to? So Jesse and I challenged each other to see if we could do better.

Jesse's 2004 Christmas present was a four-track Korg cassette recorder. A lot of what is now The Chronicles' music started as lyrical ideas or melodies we put down on that Korg. As mentioned we started working on Tim to help give us demos that we could use to get some industry feed back. Then Andre came our way and that makes up the compliment of the band. We are "bass-playerless" right now. Two different bassists fell through and when we went to the studio, Jesse and I had to handle the bass lines - which was no sweat because we wrote our own bass lines for our demos anyway.

Wednesday: Have any of you been apart of other bands in the past? If so, how are they similar or different from what you're currently doing in The Chronicles?

Jesse Chisholm [Jesse]: I put together a high school band called The Togas. We played at Etobicoke CI (Alma mater to David Wilcox and Jeff Healey). It was more a party in white sheets than musical creation with a future. We had fun with it for a few weeks and that was a wrap. Then we gave our sheets back to our parents.

Joe: When Jesse's mother and I we - Space Junkies Magazine

"Rave review's from Billboard Magazine"

Date: January/2006
The Chronicles have done a really good job with this EP. Great Lyrics meet good melodies in a Billy Idol meets Iggy Pop vibe...
- Billboard Magazine


The Chronicles EP, "Chronic Malcontent" is now available digitally or from

This 5 song EP is receiving love from college radio and the pod casting community from Calgary to Ottawa and Detroit to Fort Worth and suddenly Europe.

"Chronic Malcontent" includes:

A college radio favorite, this both a funny and introspective diary of a lover on the run

that's right, "...the view never changes" - a rock 'n' roll look at the perils and rewards of going for it!

Moe Berg said, "Hey, I could have written this song!" An anthem for restless natures everywhere. This witty ditty reclaims malcontent as a righteous state of mind.

Now this is deep and serious shit - minor chords and everything! Maybe the most thoughtful and revealing song on the EP.

Hayden Neil say's "this is more than just a pirate song - this song and it's swashbuckling setting look at the age old heartache of longing for forbidden fruit. Cool stuff"

WINTER 2008:
Look for a full length Chronicles CD likely to be entitled, "Dr Suess and Other Influences."

Some of the song's that are likely to make the cut include a rap-parody called, "Dr. Suess Rock," a look at Internet dating's double life called "Learned about You Online" set to a CCR's version of "Heard it Through the Grapevine."



Billboard Magazine (2006) says, "THE CHRONICLES have an Iggy Pop meets Billy Idol vibe with good lyrics and great melodies..."

The Chronicles are a father/son song writing team. Well isn't that cute? Far from a novilty act, Jesse and Joe have earned respect in the very deep Toronto song writing community.

Two of Toronto's top performing musicians, Tim Cassidy and Andre Skinner join The Chisholms to create The Chronicles. Represented by the teens, 20s, 30s and 40s - Strange musical bedfellows make for refreshing songs and style.

Comparisons range from BTO to the Killers; from The Doors to Offspring; from The Hip to ZZ Top.

Tim Cassidy is the band's lead singer and a seasoned front man in the Toronto music scene. Tim fronts the Jeff Healey's house band. Tim also has a reputation as a virtuoso on the egg shaker � a talent that the band plans to exploit soon.

Andre Skinner, The Chronicles drummer, not only holds the rudder to the rhythm section, but there's much more... Andre fronts his own Alt Country band, "Canteen Knockout," and he is a produces and engineers music from folk to metal.

Joe and Jesse's first collaborative song effort was in 2004 and the song list keeps growing. Toronto is a hot-bed of new music and and song development. The Chronicles are part of Songwriters association of Canada, IndieCan Radio (The Toronto Indie Scene is an hour of new music and artist and industry insider interviews, heard by 20,000 weekly at Writers Joe and Jesse Chsiholm are not shy about facing the firing squad of Toronto's wealth of music biz insiders Many trips back to the demo drawing board went into the mindful preparation for this first EP.

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