Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, CAN

Riding the cockpit of a megalithic Dope fueled, Time and Relative Dimension in Space Robot. These 5 guys are on a quest for cosmic sound, outside of the traditional song structure, bending riff and reefer to their uses.


Chronobot started with the concept behind the name; a pot-smoking, time-travelling robot who rules the space-time continuum. Musically, this ended up fleshing out into long, slow, jam-based songs focused more on building waves of sound than traversing from riff to riff. In early days a strong Hawkwind influence sculted the bands style from Sabbath-Weed-Worship to include cosmic space vibes and a focus on feeling out the songs as a band, improvising on core elements but never quite set in stone. This approach can be found on the bands first release, the full length eponymous Chronobot.
The album was largely captured live in the studio with only minimal overdubbing or added tracks. It represents the sound the band has been developing over several years, and was supported upon its release by a West Coast Canadian tour. With touring in Eastern Canada planned for 2014 and more recording time coming up soon, the band hopes to meet many new people and have good times across the country before venturing to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.


2013 - Chronobot(st) - Indie

Set List

Mars Red Eyes
Set Phasers to DOOM!!!!
Masters of the Universe(hawkwind cover)
Melting Mountins