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The best kept secret in music


"Enigma Online, April 8 2004"

Honestly, this CD is truly in a category all of its own. The blend together hip-hop, jazz, funk, world, and rock all together for a really unique experience that is almost beyond words and comprehension. This album is very fun and light-hearted for the most part and most importantly the band seems flow together in a groove that is almost unparallel in comparison to other similar acts...Overall, I thought that this was one of the better CDs I’ve listened to in a while. It was fun, different, and creative. This should be any music lover’s adventure pick for the week or month. Look it up and check it out. - Bill Schiltz

"Fresh New Tunes, March 2004"

Holy Monkey Spit! It has been SO long since I’ve been really excited about an album I almost forget what it was like. Quality recording from start to finish, quality tracks from first to last. - Anonymous

"Marquee Magazine, March 2004"

I think that the ultimate return you can get on the purchase of a CD, is you end up learning every word to every song, and where you have an uncontrollable urge to sing along when it’s spinning in your player. This month I was fortunate enough to find several of those CDs among the stacks sent to me by local bands. The first was Chronophonic’s new release, “Footwork.” - Brian Johnson - Editor/Publisher

"The Westword, May 6, 2004"

"Overall, Chronophonic is a talented, tight, tenacious band, guaranteed to rock a party. Its innovative progressions from classic funk to grinding rock to cutting-edge jazz make you wanna holler, 'Gotdamn!'" - Morgan Wells

"Marquee Magazine, March 2004"

The myriad of different shoes that Chronophonic can walk in might explain how the band has gained such a footing in their relatively short career. Chronophonic dips into funk, hip-hop and jazz. Their songs span genres as their sounds are rooted in influences from Marvin Gaye and Glove to John Scofield to the Beastie Boys.

The name Chronophonic alludes to their maneuverability in sound. Chronos is the Greek god of time, and phonic means sound. In fact, the band slogan is “Time and Sound,” as they fuse sounds from many times.

The eight distinct musicians each bring a unique energy to the band, allowing them to shift their sound from one song to the next. “Each member focuses on their individual talents, which are different, but at the same time complimentary,” said Sanders in a recent interview with The Marquee. Despite each band member’s sense of individuality, the blend that they produce is smooth and cohesive.

Their sophomore album, “Footwork,” will be released this month. The album was recorded and mixed by Kevin Clock, who has worked with everyone from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Eminem, and mastered by Tom Baker who worked with the Beastie Boys and Stone Temple Pilots. The new recording demonstrates Chronophonic’s growth, and the band hopes it will allow them to leap into the national music scene and have their music reach a larger sphere of appreciation.

From a band that has trouble standing still on stage, it’s no surprise that the group is currently getting itchy feet. With several members graduating soon, the band has eyes for the coast — it doesn’t matter which one. Sanders admitted that their eyes are big and that they want to reach out nationwide with their music.

Even with the national mindset, however, Chronophonic still believes in community values. The band recently hosted a four-day workshop at a local school that focused on theory, composition, improvisation, and the history of funk. “We want to give back to the community,” said Crystal. “There’s a lack of art in schools and we’d like to help foster creative minds.” - Molly Chappel

"Kaffeine Buzz, February 19, 2004"

It’s funkadelic, it’s astronomic, it’s Chronophonic’s fancy Footwork – a sophisticated collage of deep down hip-hop (“Bean So Hot”), lyrical assimilation (“Footwork”), and soulful jazz tendons (“Dom P”) that stretch ever so gracefully into some mighty rock muscle (“Or Was It Something Deeper, Captain?”).

From their pools of jazz instrumentals and horn explosions (“Reflections of the Shadow of the Flame”) to the out of sight combustions (“Deep Puddin’ Pt. 1”) and smooth-as-funk vocal serenades (“Breakfast for Dinner”), its evident that Chronophonic’s octopus musical configuration all connects a hefty body of talent. It’s the multi-styled layers that keep things interesting from beginning to end, appealing to moodiness in all of that can change from minute to minute –- champagne in one hand and a vodka/Red Bull in the other.

With musical inspirations that range from Primus and Radiohead, to Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and John Coltrane, production talent from Kevin Clock (Stevie Ray Vaghn, Gladys Knight) and mastering by Tom Baker (Beastie Boys, BB King) -- Denver’s Chronophonic’s shining kaleidoscope of musical color is captivating. - Kim Owens

"Boulder Weekly, February 13, 2004"

“The band’s musical references are plainly more urban, more steeped in hip-hop and R&B and old school, pastel bellbottom funk than most of its jazz-inclined contemporaries. But as they lean into their influences–which can range from Gil Scott Heron to Primus to early WAVE jazz to Cannonball Adderley to Mahavishnu–you get a sense of commitment, not showy dilettantism. Part of it may be the disciplined afterglow of longtime or recently completed musical educations (all studied at DU’s Lamont School of Music at one time or another). Part of it may be the tunes or the structure behind the scenes. But you won’t mistake this gig for a low-commitment, jamband engagement.” - David Kirby

"Awards, Notable Gigs, and Other Info"

* Westword Music Showcase nomination as best Funk/Soul band in Colorado 2004

* KAFM Grand Junction, CO declared Footwork a Top 30 album release of 2004

* 1st Place – Winter Carnival Talent Show – University of Denver 2003

* 1st Place - Jake Sanders, lead vocals and baritone saxophone – Downbeat Magazine’s winner of outstanding performance by a jazz instrumental soloist 2002

* 2nd Place - Polly Esther's city-wide Battle of the Bands 2002

* 1st Place - University of Denver Battle of the Bands 2001

* Film on the Rocks (Red Rocks Amphitheater) - Morrison 2005

* Copper Mountain Sunsation - CO 2005

* South Park Music Fest – Fairplay 2004, 2005

* CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair – Denver 2004

* Westword Music Showcase – Denver 2004

* Chronophonic Funk Workshop – Denver School of the Arts 2002, 2004

* United Artist Coalition for Kids – Fine arts benefit 2003

* 1st Annual Lodo Tailgater - Denver's Grand Prix 2002

* Beachcomber's Ball - Rock Aid Denver benefit 2002

* Lamontpalooza – University of Denver 2001

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band (Louisiana)
The Slip (Boston)
Juice (Louisiana)
Vinyl (California)
B-Side Players (California)
Mr. Blotto (Illinois)
Granola Funk Express (North Carolina)
Brothers Past (Pennsylvania)
The Motet (Colorado)
Yo’ Flaco (Colorado)
Pomeroy (Kansas) - Chronophonic

"The Westword, July 24, 2003"

•“Chronophonic, a talented collective composed mainly of music majors from a variety of local academies, is living proof that Denver does have vital, contemporary-jazz-influenced music. The band colors outside the box on its debut, incorporating funk, world rhythms, hip-hop beats and soul-soaked vocals. Edging toward the acid-jazz tag on these ten original tracks, Chronophonic forges a sound that meanders pleasantly between the various genres, nodding to the grooves of James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Primus, and even Radiohead. The group, which has shared the stages along the Front Range with acts such as Vinyl and Granola Funk Express, has a penchant for making baby-smooth transitions between moods and idioms that keep you guessing. From the ambitiously far-ranging “Chronophonic Anthem” to the rump-thumping “Shake Yo’ Ass,” from the ethereal and lyrically intelligent “Daystar” to the Barney Miller-theme-inspired dirty funk of “Don’t Stop,” the sands keep shifting beneath your quaking feet. Scintillating keys, bright horns, funky bass, quirky Scofield-esque guitar lines and skit-scat drumming that stops and starts on a dime define Chronophonic’s multi-farious sounds. The release also features the work of international trumpeter/virtuoso Ron Miles, giving the mix an extra silky layer.” - Nick Hutchinson

"Issues Magazine, March 2003"

•“Think of Steely Dan thrown together with Tower of Power…They are excellent players, do their job very well and have turned in a first rate album...” - Earl R. Dingman


Chronophonic - Chronophonic (CD) 2003
Chronophonic - Footwork (CD) 2004

Our debut, self-titled album reached the charts on six radio stations and received airplay on more than 65 stations in 26 states. The disc features internationally-renowned jazz trumpeter Ron Miles.

Our second album, "Footwork" was released in February of 2004. Production credits include Kevin Clock (Gladys Knight, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Yes) and mastering credits go to Tom Baker (Beastie Boys, Stone Temple Pilots, BB King). The album charted on 23 stations in 16 states and has received airplay from over 130 radio stations.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Featuring Downbeat Magazine’s 2002 winner of outstanding performance by a jazz instrumental soloist, Chronophonic has quickly established a unique sound among today's original music scene. Influences range anywhere from James Brown to The Roots to Primus and Radiohead; all are evident in their music.

Performing throughout the southwest since 2001, the band has set an active touring schedule of over 75 gigs a year. The Denver-based group has already been privileged to share the stage with national talent, such as The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Slip, Vinyl, The Motet, Granola Funk Express, The B-Side Players, and Brother's Past.

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