ChronoshifT is the next step in the Melodic Death Metal genre, inspired directly from the famed "Gothenburg Sound" associated with such bands like Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. If you want something extreme and original you will not want to miss out on ChronoshifT!


ChronoshifT first began as a Thrash Metal project by Mike nearly 6 years ago with deep influence from Testament and even melodic metal bands such as Firewind.

Since than it has grown and adapted an incredibaly unique sound, inspired directly from the original "Gothenburg Sound" of Melodic Death Metal. Other bands in this genre include In Flames and Dark Tranquillity.

ChronoshifT is currently hard at work writing their debut album "Square One", and playing shows across New Brunswick. They've appeared on various radio stations such as CHUO 89.1 Ottawa radio, and Underworld Mix Radio. ChronoshifT was also featured and interviewed by CHUO 89.1 about the music and upcoming album.

ChronoshifT writes, performs, records, and produces all original material in their home studio in Miramichi New Brusnwick, Canada.

All designs for the band (graphic, and web) are created by Mike, Matt, and Greg.

Square one is set for late winter release early 2010


Square One - (2010)

1. Asylum
2. Crimson Grove
3. Darkness Falls
4. Rising From The Ashes
5. Square One
6. Praeclarus Offensus
7. And Then It Was Silent
8. The Glass Man
9. Red Ink
10. Dimension
11. Pandora
12. Black/White
13. The Rebirth

Darkness Falls, Square One, and Dimension appeared on CHUO 89.1 Ottawa radio as well as Underworld Mix Radio

Set List

Square One
Darkness Falls
The Glass Man
Praeclarus Offensus
Rising From The Ashes

This is our current set list, it is currently being revised with the release of our first album. Currently we have 7 songs in our set, and lasts from 40 minutes up to an hour. We don't do covers, and don't plan on doing covers anytime soon, we focus on writing and playing our own original songs rather than someone elses.