Remember when alternative rock meant something? Chrysalis brings the passion and innovation of classic alternative bands like The Cure and Soundgarden wrapped in a new, modern experience - drawing comparisons to artists as diverse as A Perfect Circle, Jeff Buckley, and The Muse.


Chrysalis exercises a non-comprimising approach to their music rarely seen by blending imaginative lyrics against a musical landscape that combines dark alternative, heavy rock, electronic, and even classical elements. The result is music that's visually evocative, with an emotional intensity that draws listeners into their own soul-searching. What stands out in their layered sound, however, are the soaring vocals and end-of-the-spectrum dynamics.

Underneath all the vivid textures and moods, mature, meaningful, songwriting ultimately holds the foundation for their sonic explorations. They investigate subject matter that is self-examining and socially challenging, drawing from their own experiences with relationships, human cruelty, and cultural disconnects. These ideals permeate not only through the lyrical content, but also in the musical arrangements. Chrysalis moves through heavy, guitar-driven, rhythms to ethereal melodic passages seamlessly.

Having formed in the ethnically diverse Washington, D.C., area, Chrysalis brings an outsider perspective to rock. The members’ immigrant roots range from Indonesia, Guatemala, and the Czech Republic. They’ve built an impressive following in a relatively short time.


"A powerful, emotive song from an interesting band. If the Deftones were to do indie art-rock, it might sound like this."
- Review of "Step Child" by Maria Villafana on Editor's Pick, week of June 24th, 2004
Annual Top Pick, 2004

“D.C.'s Chrysalis seamlessly couch potent lyrics and vocal delivery within a cobweb of intricately woven instrumentation. The musical deluge will demolish scene barriers, uniting listeners under the debut release, the Chrysalis EP – it's heavy, but not metal; electronic, but not industrial; dark, but not goth; emotional, but not emo.”

Artist of the Month, August 2005.
Top Ten Albums of the Year, 2005.
Vocalist of the Year, 2005.
Bassist of the Year, 2005.
Best Live Show of the Year, 2005.
MySpace Page of the Year, 2005.


DC101, Z104, WMUC

98 Rock

Numerous Podcasts, XM Radio Unsigned Channel,


Millenium Music Conference, Harrisburg, PA
Motor City Music Conference, Detroit
Emergenza Music Festival Finalists Nationwide Tour: Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia
South Park Music Conference, South Park, CO
Connexion Music Conference, Las Vegas/ Jacksonville
Baltimore Music Conference, Baltimore, MD
Six Points Music Festival, Washington, DC
Throwdown 2006, Fredericksburg, VA


Chrysalis E.P. - Self Released.

Set List

Up to 1 1/4 hour all-original sets.

Original Song Titles:

- Chrysalis
- Dogs and Indians
- Arcadia
- Step Child
- Miscarriage
- Skusashi
- The Tide
- Sustainer
- Entrance
- Imp-Print
- Save Your Complex
- Between Two Words
- Cataract
- Blind Spot
- Dfragma