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Barstow, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2003 | INDIE | AFTRA

Barstow, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2003
Band Rock Metal




"Chrysalis Vocalist Discusses ‘Reminder’ Album, ‘My Eternity’ Video + Quitting In-N-Out Burger"

One of the new bands seeking to make a breakout in 2017 is Chrysalis, who recently got a jump on the year by debuting their new video for “My Eternity” right here at Loudwire. We recently had a chance to chat with Chrysalis vocalist Yessi Burton about the band’s new album, Reminder, what it was like to shoot their first video for “My Eternity” and what fans can expect from the new disc when it comes to standout tracks and playing live. Check out the chat in full below.
The third album is often the one where the band comes into their own and you get a group who has found their sound. Going into the Reminder album, did you have an idea of what you wanted to do and how close did you come after recording to achieving that initial vision for the record?
The word Chrysalis is a metaphor for this band in that we’re in a constant state of growth and development. It’s hard to say that we’ve “found our sound” because our sound is always changing. I think if we ever started repeating a certain sound song after song, we would just get bored and miserable!
We went into the studio with 15 ideas for songs that were all different from each other. Ulrich Wild actually said this was the most diverse sounding record he’s ever worked on, which means a lot coming from him. The challenge became creating a cohesive body of work that flowed nicely from song to song rather than a bunch of random pieces. With the help of Ulrich, I believe we accomplished that with Reminder.
We’re also proud of the collection of songs we wrote here. There’s no filler material on it. We really took the time to hone each song till we felt it was worthy of being put on the album. We tweaked everything until we brought out the full potential of each song.
You had a chance to work with Ulrich Wild on your new album? What made him the right producer for this album and what can you share what you picked up from working with him?
From a production standpoint, we wanted our recording to have a more natural sound. Most rock and metal recordings these days have sample replaced drums, and use amp simulators for guitars. We wanted to use real instruments on everything. When we talked to Ulrich about this, he was down for it. Plus he had familiarized himself with our previous material and was digging it, so he was obviously the guy.
Anytime you’re trying to come up with enough songs to put on an album there’s a lot of pressure and even some self-doubt. Like, are we going to be able to do this? Ulrich has a “just get it done” type attitude and emphasizes not to over think things. This really helped relieve some of that pressure, and helped keep the forward momentum going in the sessions.
He also has a lot of experience and knows when to push hard, and when to just chill out. A lot of times we would just end up hanging out and talking with him about life and music. It was cool to hear his stories about working with so many different artists. In his studio he has gold records hanging on the wall from Pantera, White Zombie, etc. In the bathroom, there’s a gold record hanging over the toilet from the Deftones’ Around The Fur album. You’re staring at it while you’re taking a piss. How could you not be inspired by that?
We had a chance to premiere the “My Eternity” video here at Loudwire and we always love it when we get a story. How fun was it to shoot that video and can you discuss your thoughts on the treatment as it relates to the song and what you thought of seeing the final product?
Thanks a lot for premiering our first video! We had a blast shooting “My Eternity.” It was our first “real” production. Everything else we had done up to that point video-wise was more DIY. This was definitely a new experience. When we showed up on location, we saw that they had built this really cool set and there was a whole crew there. It was kind of like, “Whoa, this is for us???” We also stuck around after we were done with our part and watched the actors do their thing. It was cool.
With this video we knew we wanted to do something that would stick out. We didn’t want it to be five guys in an abandoned warehouse somewhere like every other metal video out there. We liked the idea of doing something cinematic.
We chose director Jonathan Martin after being blown away by the quality of his previous work. His short film An Evening With My Comatose Mother is currently the most awarded horror short on YouTube.
Jonathan has an evil mind and interpreted the lyrics of “My Eternity” in the darkest way possible. A woman gets murdered and is brought back from the dead during a satanic ritual. She then takes revenge upon her assailants. When Jonathan shared the idea, I was reminded of 90s horror films like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer. I love this era of horror because of its blatant disregard of being cheesy. The final cut of “My Eternity” turned out much more dark than I imagined, while still being sort of cheesy fun at the same time.
Because of Jonathan, we now get hate mail from Christians who tell us we’re Satanists and are doomed for an eternity of hellfire… Thanks, bro!
Take me into the sessions a bit on “My Eternity.” How did the song start and where was it in the process of putting the album together? Where did the lyrical idea come from?
Whenever you’re trying to put a collection of songs together there’s always songs that come together quickly and are obviously going to make the cut. Other songs are a struggle to craft. “My Eternity” was definitely the former. Once we had the guitar riff and the drums working together, we knew it was a keeper.
It started as a bluesy little rock jam. I wrote a few parts and my ex wrote the lyrics. She chanted “I’m comin’ back” along with the rhythm. When the chorus hit, she sang “Don’t be afraid / I’m not coming for you.” I liked how she was channeling a character outside of herself. I remember the book The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo being part of what inspired the lyrics.
I can’t remember specifically where in the album process “My Eternity” came about. We always have song ideas laying around. The album is a combination of those ideas, plus new spur of the moment songs like “My Eternity.”
Though “My Eternity” is the track that’s getting the focus right now, do you have other songs that you view as top cuts on the album and can you discuss why these favorite tracks stand out to you?
I think an artist’s favorite songs on their own album are usually different than what’s going to be most popular with the general public. I feel “Up the Stairs” and “Out of My Hands” show that we’re more than just a heavy band, so I like those. They’re deep, emotional and go places that you might not expect. I think “Atlas” will probably be the most popular song with the masses because of the catchy chorus. At the end of the day, we’re experimental musicians. We like heavy music but metal is not the sum of what we do. Our music is for metal fans who want to hear diversity, and not just the heaviest thing out there… I mean, doesn’t that get a little repetitive sometimes?
You have dates coming up here in January. Getting out on the road, which songs off the new disc are you most excited to see the audience response to?
I’m looking forward to playing “Borrowing Distance” because it drastically changes the mood after “My Eternity.” When people hear Billy drumming that fast paced tom beat in the beginning of the song, they know that something heavy is about to happen and they start punching and elbowing each other in the face.
Looking at the band’s Facebook page and I saw the anniversary of your final day at In-N-Out. Simply put, awesome. Way to quit like a boss! But I was just curious about the aftermath. Are you welcome back to visit? Was there any response from the burger franchise after you posted the video? What was the fan response like?
In-N-Out is weird. They’re kind of like a cult and are very sensitive about their image. Their corporate office actually contacted us and asked us to take the video down. It was funny because on the phone they were trying to be friendly to us. They were like, “Hey guys how are things going with the album?” As if they actually gave a f–k. We told them we would take it down, but didn’t. We were kind of worried that they were going to do some weird scientology s–t and track us down or sue us or something, but they never did.
I tried to go and get my job back shortly after and they told me to f–k off. I then ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, animal style, with two orders of French fries. I f–kin’ love In-N-Out french fries! I don’t eat meat, but I’m told by the rest of the guys in the band that Five Guys makes better burgers anyways!
Our thanks to Chrysalis’ Yessi Burton for the interview. The band’s ‘Reminder’ album arrives this Friday (Jan. 13) and is available to pre-order via Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay and Bandcamp. As stated, the group is hitting the road in support of the disc. You can find all of their tour dates here. And stay up to date with the band via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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"Chrysalis' 5 Favorite Tour Meals"

Chrysalis will be embarking on a trek across North America this month. The tour will kick off on February 12 in Fullerton, C.A. and will conclude on March 4 in Idaho Falls, I.D. The full itinerary is available here. With the tour approaching, the band have shared their favorite road meals below!

"When you're on tour, eating often involves a lot of cheap gas station and truck stop food (see Chef Yessi's recommendations and crash course regarding this cuisine type)," explained the band. "We used to tour in a van and couldn't afford hotels so there was no way we could ever cook for ourselves. The only time we'd get a home cooked meal is when friends, family or fans would let us crash at their houses and cook for us! Fortunately, we were able to upgrade to an RV just recently that has a built in kitchen. Now when we get a day off we're able hit the grocery store and cook a quality meal ourselves every once in a while. These are some of our favorite recipes."


List: Trivium's Matt Heafy's 3 Easy (And Awesome) Road Meals That You Can Make At Home
Viral Video Of The Day: Cooking With Phil Anselmo!
Chrysalis Premiere New Music Video, "My Forsaken"
Two Slices of Bread
Four Slices of Pepper Jack Cheese
1 stick of Butter
Sliced Mushrooms

Heat a pan over the stove with some butter. Throw your mushrooms into the pan and let cook until they soften and shrink. Remove the mushrooms from the pan. Generously butter one side of each of your bread slices. Put together your sandwich with using your bread, cooked mushrooms, and pepper jack cheese. Make sure the buttered sides of your bread are on the outside. Cook the sandwich in your pan on medium heat until each side is golden brown and the cheese starts to melt. Place your sandwich on a plate with some chips of your liking. Add a piece of fruit to make sure you're getting something healthy in your diet. IPA beer optional, but highly recommended. Mangiare!

2. TOUR BUS SPECIAL TACO (Yessi Burton - Vocals)
One Bag of Takis
One Tortilla

Layer Bologna onto tortilla. Mash Takis in a bowl and also layer onto tortilla. Add Tapatio to taste. Fold into taco. Comer bien, Amigos!

3. CHEEZ-IT OREO DESERT WRAP (Yessi Burton - Vocals)

Wrap Oreos and Cheez-Its with slice of Bologna.Sweet, Salt and Protein together – what’s not to like???

Salmon Filet
Tarragon Leaves
Olive Oil

Heat a pan over the stove with some olive oil and butter. Place the Salmon filet in the pan. Season and let cook for 3-5 minutes on each side until the filet is slightly crispy on the outside. Remove the filet from the pan. Now add your asparagus and halved cherry tomatoes to the pan. Season and let cook for a few minutes until they're slightly caramelized. Remove from and place on plate with salmon. Add additional seasoning if desired, and a fresh lemon. Enjoy!

5. MANWHICH (Yessi Burton - Vocals)
Two Slices of Bread
One Top Ramen 3oz Square (Any Flavor)
Tapatio Hot Sauce

Place one Top Ramen square between two slices of bread. Add Tapatio and ketchup to taste. Place on cookie sheet and Bake in oven at 350 degrees until Ramen is soft. A deluxe meal like they eat in prison, Baby!

Watch Burton make tour Manwhiches below! - Revolver

"An evolution of rock at Seattle Hempfest 2014 (Live Performance Review)"

It was a warm Saturday afternoon when Chrysalis took the McWilliams stage at Hempfest of Seattle. The sky was blue and the sun was shining down on both band and the crowd that had gathered. As the heavy rifts of their first song started to flood out across the grounds, curious spectators were drawn to the stage like moths to a flame.

Chrysalis [pronounced Chris-Uh-Lis] is not your normal rock band. If you jump tracks around their CD, you would probably start to think it is a compilation album by a various collection of rock bands but I assure you it is not. One listen their song 'Thoughts Behind' and you will begin to experience the musical journey that is Chrysalis. It is loud, heavy, gritty, soulful, soft, melodic and technically complicated all in one artistic track.

Formed in Barstow CA in 2003, Chrysalis has released 2 independent albums, performed in several regional tours, and now a national tour that ended in Seattle at Hempfest 2014. Gaining new fans with every stop, this technically innovative and lyrically creative group puts on a spectacular live show. Stage presence and virtuosity combine seamlessly to a create a memorable performance. If you have an appetite for a wide range of music, this is definitely a group you will want to check out.

The following is excerpts from an interview with the band prior to their show:

Who are your biggest influences?
Jared Sturgis: Deftones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,
Billy Norris: Killswitch Engage,
Yessi Burton: Long Walks On The Beach.

If someone had never heard your band before how would you describe your sound?
Billy Norris: Something you'd want to hear.
Yessi Burton: We are essentially a rock band. Since the dawn of rock music everyone has been identifying themselves different ways, I am this I am that, but essentially it is all music and we draw from all of those influences. People are confused by our music as it shifts around from here to there really quick. We are not a band for someone who is only dedicated to one style, we are more for an audience who seeks to hear something that is different and a music montage.

Your newest album, Focus on the Center, was release 7 years after your first album, why was there such a long delay?
Yessi Burton: There were a few different reasons but there was a album we recorded in between that time, but we felt the material did not fit us or fit who we were. We were young and still discovering our sound. When we got back together the music we wrote came effortlessly, where before it felt forced with no results. But, we took a break and everything flowed like water like it is supposed to.

What was it like crowd sourcing your tour? What gave you that idea?
Yessi Burton: We were not making enough money, and the cost of doing a tour is astronomical. But what was really cool about the indiegogo thing was we did not expect to get that much support. We only expected about $2600 in support, but we almost doubled that in first few weeks. It made us really happy that our supporters wanted to help and not remain on the sidelines cheering 'Go Chrysalis!' They were actually getting involved with the tour.

What has been the best tour date so far?
Yessi Burton: Colorado is always a favorite.
Gabe Gallego: Our best shows crowd-wise were Amarillo and Philadelphia.

Who were your favorite bands to share the stage with?
Yessi Burton: Lose Control. We exchanged members; A.J. played for us and Jared played for them. It made us feel like one big band. On the last date together in Barstow we all went up on stage and played a song together.
A.J. Bartholomew: It turned out, and worked pretty well but our bass player could not make the tour and their guitarist could not make it, so we figured instead of hiring someone we would just pull double duty every night and helped each other out. - The Examiner

""My Forsaken" Music Video Premier"

We're premiering the new video from the experimental metallers Chrysalis. Verging on the realm of metallic hardcore a la Vanna, it's a solid slab of raging metal to kickstart your Thursday afternoon drinking sesh. Go on, we know you're already thinking about it. - Revolver Magazine


Southern California Experimental Rockers CHRYSALIS to Release New Album “Focus On The Center” on February 11, 2014

For Fans of Bands Spanning Coheed & Cambria to In Flames, and Deftones to Finch

As Seen on Vans Warped Tour 2009

Some may call them “veterans” of the Southern California rock and metal scene, while others may only just be discovering experimental hard rock group CHRYSALIS, who are back and ready- after a brief hiatus- to release their first musical offering in almost seven years. Focus On The Center hits stores on February 11, 2014 via independent release. You can pre-order Focus On The Center via iTunes now at this link.

Boasting an inspiring and eclectic sound that sets them apart from their contemporaries, CHRYSALIS will appeal to fans of various rock, hard rock, and metal sub-genres. Focus On The Center was recorded by John Miller and Kris Comeaux (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Lorene Drive), produced by John Miller, and mixed/mastered by Danny Concho (formerly of The Waiting Hurt).

The Focus On The Center artwork (created by CHRYSALIS vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist Jesse Elledge) features a tribute to Jeff Davis, former singer of Lindbergh Skies, who died of an overdose while it was being recorded. The band felt it essential to honor Jeff, as he was not only a close friend, but worked with Jesse to develop some of the vocals for Focus On The Center. The band released the song ‘Instant Silence’ (a departure from their traditional sound) on December 21st to commemorate the one year anniversary of Jeff’s passing. The song is dedicated to him.

Read the entire press release at: - AdrenalinePR


"Bottom line is that Chrysalis show great promise as well as veteran capability here. Focus On The Center is a soundscape of brutal imagery and butchering guitar lines caressed by beautiful vocals and pounding rhythms that leave you breathless but diving in for more." Read the full review at: - Pittsburgh Music Magazine


"Indie's Metal Monarchs; in less than thirty minutes of music, Chrysalis manages to push the boundaries of genre even more, with the song order arranged to be a perfect journey." Read the full review at: - MXDWN


"For a young band they are, I was surprised a bit from their abilities to make music like this, since it's not that easy to combine two genres and still create a catchy sound that would be appealing to fans of both genres. There are some nice riffs both on the guitar and the bass all across the album, nicely accompanied by the keyboards which enhance a great atmosphere....So what we have here is great debut album with wonderful melodies and easy going music... These guys can go far, since they don't lack either in songwriting or performance. They all sound strong together and hopefully their next album can be something really amazing. Their future is literally in their hands." - Sound Of Metal SE


"There's a pretty even amount of metalcore, gothic metal and progressive metal at work here, and for the most part all these elements are tied together effectively, with complex song structure and instrumentation weaving gothic melodies over the highly rhythmic metalcore base. This creates music that is both simply propulsive and complexly structured, with numerous slayers sliding across each other and helping manufacture deeply multifaceted pieces. However, the music can actually stick together, and songs such as 'Outspoken' and 'The Daylight Falls' are both striking and effective in their delivery." - METAL ARCHIVES


Rock band Chrysalis is preparing to celebrate the upcoming release of its latest album with a record release concert at Rosita’s Restaurant on Friday night.

The Barstow-based group’s new record, titled ‘Focus on the Center,’ will officially hit stores on Feb. 11, and is already available in a pre-sale on iTunes.

Fans can pick up a copy of the new CD early, as Chrysalis will have copies available at the concert. Doors open at 5 p.m., and admission is $5, or $10 buys admission and a copy of the new CD.

Chrysalis is returning to performing after a short hiatus. The band formed in Barstow in 2003, and played at the 2009 Vans Warped Tour, sharing the stage with bands including Powerman 5000, TSOL and Agent Orange.

According to a press release, the new record “will appeal to fans of various rock, hard rock, and metal sub-genres.”

Chrysalis will headline Friday night’s show, with local bands K D N P R S and Amnesty For The Martyr also in the lineup.

Local radio station 96.9 “The Drive” will preview the album on the air Friday at 8:15 a.m. The station will play songs from “Focus on the Center” and discuss the album, as well as revisit the background of the band.

For more information about Chrysalis and the new record, visit the band’s website at or check out the Facebook page at - The Dispatch


Jared Sturgis: “We were sitting around one day trying to come up with a name and Shannon (Billy's girlfriend at the time) pulled out this book, and we picked the first word on the first page she flipped to. It just so happened to be Chrysalis. We liked the concept of what it stood for metaphorically; constant growth and transformation. This band is always growing and developing musically so it fits us perfect.”

Chris Norris: “It was a witchcraft book.”

Jesse Elledge: “There was a lot of different options that were brought to table like, "Little Debbie and the Moonpies." I wasn't a big fan of that one because it would've inevitably made me Little Debbie.”

Jesse Elledge: “Michael Jackson, Prince, Korn, Lacuna Coil, John Petrucci, Pink Floyd & tons more.

Chris Norris: The Devil Wears Prada, Circa Survive, As Cities Burn, Fear Before, In Flames and The Air I Breathe.

Billy Norris: Incubus, Deftones, Circa Survive

Jesse Elledge: “Billy and I wrote Instant Silence on set during the shooting of our music video for Ms.Me. We were so into it we almost forgot we were there to work on a video. It was a tad outside the boundaries of what we normally do, but was so well put together that we had no choice but to be inviting to the new spaces we could explore with the band.”

Jesse Elledge: “I was on a super religious kick during the making of the album. I would read books like the Tao te Ching and study popular Eastern belief systems. I was kind of rebelling against my Christian upbringing. Focus on the Center means to find the balance that lies inside the chaos that we create for ourselves.”

Jesse Elledge: “The story behind the cover was that I made two others for consideration. We chose this one because it sucked the least of the three. I'm a singer, not an artist.”

This is just a snippet. For the full interview check out - Vents Magazine


“Have fun and enjoy yourself. If you’re enjoying yourself, then you'll play more, and experiment more. It'll eventually reflect in your performance! I think it’s also important to play with other musicians. You can learn a lot by playing with people from different musical backgrounds than your own.”

“My first bass was a 4 string Guild straight out of the 70s. My dad stored it in my closet when I was a kid. After I grew up a little, I found it and started messing around with it.”

“Les Claypool, Ryan Martinie, Flea, Cliff Burton, and Victor Wooten to name a few.”

“Flea. I listened to the RHCP a lot growing up. I always admired Flea, and he inspired me to play. I love his aggressive slap and melodic techniques. He knows when to play complex, or when to be subtle. He always compliments songs perfectly.”

*See the full interview in the March 2014 Edition of Bass Guitar Magazine on newsstands now. - Bass Guitar Magazine


Vocalist/guitar player Jesse "Yessi Burton" Elledge discusses new album, influences, inspirations and the Chrysalis writing process.

You can listen at: - The Jim Santora Show


"Reminder" - Album [2017]

"Focus On The Center" - Album [2014]

"Ms. Me" - Single [2011]

"Chrysalis" (Self-Titled) - Album [2006]

"Demo" - [2003]



Chrysalis has been a staple of the underground indie-metal/rock community for over a decade. Their current album "Reminder" now appears to have them poised for mainstream success. 

The Barstow California based band self-released their first full length album, “Chrysalis” while members of the band were still in high school - it became one of's all-time best selling in its genre, & landed them a stint on the Vans Warped Tour. 

The bands' second album, “Focus On The Center”, was praised by critics & received heavy rotation on college radio across the country. (The album was the 3rd most added in the Loud Rock category nationwide in its 1st week of availability.) 

Supported by fans via a successful crowd funding campaign, Chrysalis toured the entire United States in 2014 & continued on in 2015/16 playing 175+ dates nationwide. In early 2016, the band headed into the studio with Grammy nominated producer Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Pantera, Incubus) to begin work on new material. The resulting album titled 'Reminder' was released January 13th, 2017.


"Reminder" - Album [2017]

"Focus On The Center" - Album [2014]

"Ms. Me" - Single [2011]

"Chrysalis" (Self-Titled) - Album [2006] 


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