Columbus, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopEDM

With ground-shaking beats, and mind teasing lyrics, Chucc is putting music back in Hip Hop!


Columbus, Ohio Native Chucc, born Charles Stirtmire; is taking the industry by storm. "Music has been a friend to me. A shoulder to cry on at night, a companion when I'm lonely. I love music" says Chucc when asked why music. This mild mannered 27 yr old rapper has been making music since the age of 13 and has always wanted a shot at making it a career move. Chucc has served in the US Air Force, and is now ready to serve the world up some Str8 Drop!

"I just wanna make music that gets people through the day. I want to be able to touch lives the way artist like Tupac, Nirvana, Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Micheal Jackson has touched mine."


Chuccessful "The Album"