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Chuchito Valdes



Chuchito Valdés – (Piano) born in Havana, Cuba, comes from one of the most distinguished musical families of Cuba. He has recorded and performed piano with the world reknown Cuban band, Irakere, which he led for 2 years. He has performed at festivals,clubs and concerts throughout the world and has just completed his first recording as a co-leader. From the Caribbean to Europe and throughout the United States.Some of his worldwide appearances have included Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club in London and Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago. The Jazz Festivals of Havana, Cancun and Merida, as well as a recent festival peformance in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Gardens Music Festival. In November of 2001 he lead his Afro-Cuban ensemble at Orchestra Hall in Detroit.

He was a child prodigy who studied with many Cuban masters, such as the great Cuban pianist, Chucho Valdes (who also happens to be his father). He has studied extensively, Cuban Music, Classical Music and Jazz Piano. When Chuchito is not travelling around the world performing, he lives in Cancun, Mexico where he leads his Afro-Cuban based Latin-Jazz ensemble. His original compositons and arrangements draw on classical harmonic and structural tecqniques. He performs music drawing on the following styles: Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz, Bebop, Danzon, Cha-Cha- Cha, Son Monutno, Cuban Dance Music and much more.


TIMBA - by Chuchito Valdes
La Timba represents a paradigm shift from past to present. Its archetypical presence conveys the quintesential rythms of not only cosmic moments that represent the universe and the humanoids surrounding it, but the very esscence that is man/woman. I give it high marks!!!! Oh Joy - Reviewer: R. N. Gubber "bobbio" (Seattle, CA)

ENCANTADO - by Chuchito Valdes Jr. With Laksar Reese

HERENCIA - by Chuchito Valdes Jr.
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