Chuck Bass

Chuck Bass

BandHip Hop

His image compliments his lyrics which will keep you intrigued!!! Chuck Bass brings colorful and positive energy to the people. If you want a sound that is new and refreshing, let Chuck Bass bring you into the "COOL LIFE" experience. His choreographed stage performance includes uptempo beats and a team of dancers that will blow your mind!!


His name is Chuck Bass born in Brooklyn, NY in the 80’s, raised in New Jersey in the 90’s and is of Chinese and Guyanese decent. The labels he wears are prestigious, aggressive and absolutely intimidating. He is authentic and incorporates a great sense of fashion into the music he composes. His calm demeanor and witty content demands your attention. Chuck Bass is in the studio always trying to figure out different tactical methods to deliver his story, his lifestyle and his many trials and tribulations to the world. Through his cunning punchlines and that undeniable witty demeanor, he will not seize to gain your full attention with his highly anticipated ep Cool Life.

Click on the link below to see Chuck Bass "GOOD" video!!