Chuck Brooke

Chuck Brooke

 Lancaster, California, USA
BandJazzAdult Contemporary

I compose music in many different styles. I was a professional saxophonist for 25 years before a spinal cord injury forced me to express myself musically in a different way. Now the digital audio environment is my instrument.


The late Jerry Goldsmith is the composer who influenced me the most . His keen melodic sense and range of styles inspired me from the beginning.

As a saxophonist, my earliest influence was John Coltrane. He never reverted to practiced phrases and always sought unique melodies.

There are many other influences, of course, but those are the first and largest of my influences. Now, though, I try to block out influences so as to listen to my own melodic sense. As Charlie Parker said, "...practice, practice, practice. And then, when you finally get up there on the bandstand, forget all that and just wail." I've come to that time of life when the only thing I want is to "just wail".


As a composer I am a newbie. As a saxophonist the only record I played on that made the transition to CD is Elvin Bishop's Raisin Hell - still a great party record!

Set List

I do not play live.