Chuck & Deb McAuley

Chuck & Deb McAuley


Songwriters and top-flight singers and musicians , Chuck & Deb McAuley, released their debut CD "Torch" in 2004. The CD has received critical acclaim by VH-1 "Song of The Year" staff and has also been placed on Radio Six International's "Record of the Year" list.


Chuck and Deb McAuley have performed their highly original brand of cross-genre folk-rock-blues music for their loyal fans for over 25 years. Now their music is finally available to the world with the release of their debut CD "Torch".

The duo met while attending Immaculata High School in Somerville, New Jersey and first performed together soon after. Sharing a passion for songwriting and performing, they have been making music together ever since. Both prolific songwriters and dedicated performers, the two form an instant bond with their audiences.

Their CD "Torch" is comprised of 19 original songs ranging from folk, blues, country to rock in a seemless diverse flow. There is even a catchy novelty song "I Can't Get My Fill of Dr. Phil", a fun tongue in cheek tribute to their favorite TV pop-psychology guru.

Their songwriting is influenced by a great cross section of North American, British and Celtic music including Blues, Folk, Rock, Jazz and Country. The CD has been receiving international attention and airplay in Canada, Scotland, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and France and has also seen solid airplay on college radio stations throughout the U.S. The song "Bluestown" from the CD made the "Record of the Year" list from Radio Six International.

All the songs on "Torch" can be heard at the duo's website as well as through Individual tracks can be downloaded via many online
download services such as Apple i-tunes, MSN, WeedTracks and others.


Written By: Chuck & Deb McAuley

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2004- "Torch" - Chuck & Deb McAuley- 19 original songs recorded at Studio Love in Northern California. Featuring the popular "Sweat Hawaii", "Nothing To Fear" and "Going, Going, Gone."
Also available: Forever Young and Banks of The Ohio - 45 Vinyl Single

Set List

"Sweet Hawaii" and other songs from "Torch" plus more. Set is usually 1 1/2 hours; fit to order. Mostly originals with a smattering of fun covers- e.g "Dust on My Saddle" -Seals and Crofts and "Forever Young"- Bob Dylan to feature Deb's superior vocals and Chuck's world class and flavorful guitar picking. The show is passionate, engaging and entertaining.