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"Malcolm Venable, Pop Music Writer"

“If you believe in destiny, you could argue that Chuck Hodges had a career in music outlined for him before he was even born. . . Two forces would collide to make Hodges a musician. The first occurred when Hodges’ maternal aunt Lou married Bob Smith, better known as Wolfman Jack. Wolfman was a seminal radio DJ throughout the 1960s and ’70s; apart from his trademark howl, he is credited with playing the music of black rock musicians on white radio at a time when those worlds were fiercely separate. . . The second, and more important, influence that would lead Hodges to music was his father, Charlie.
“Charlie owned a town store in Camden – the type of mom-and-pop country store with a gas pump out front ripped from a scene in a movie. Charlie’s Country Corner was where Chuck’s dad taught his son invaluable lessons about life and music. “
“. . . Chuck, it seems, is becoming good at making music. He finished his album of Americana-blues-acoustic rock, “Minutes and Miles,” in late 2005. He gigs in Hampton Roads at spots including Norfolk’s Voodoo Rouge, and he plays monthly at Acoustic Coffee, a coffee shop/music space in Edenton, N.C., a town about 60 miles from Norfolk.”
“You can hear a pin drop,” said Anita Anderson, who runs the shop with her husband. “He really engages the audience. The stories he tells about growing up hearing his dad playing fiddle and bluegrass while trying to go to bed. … It’s where his sound is coming from.”
Anderson said Hodges typically packs her place, and he draws young and old with his set. He’ll do some of his originals and mix in covers by bands including INXS, Stone Temple Pilots or Bob Marley.
. . . Working as a starving artist isn’t exactly the cat’s meow, Hodges said, but he feels he has to do this. “To me, music is the ultimate medium.”
- The Virginian-Pilot, August 30, 2006 (excerpts)

"Carolina Jones"

" ... new fangled country with a rock edge done just right ... with the musicality of the album he clearly can't be dismissed ... nice flow from start to finish ... strangely uplifting in scope ... a very enjoyable experience." - Unsigned The Magazine

"John Mathews, The Morning Sound"

" Chuck is an intelligent, engaging songwriter, who writes about real life. His voice is soulful and the songs draw you in."
-- Following Chuck's interview and live performance in the 99.1 studios in May, 2006. - FM 99.1 The Sound, Outer Banks, NC

"Anita & Glenn Andersen, Acoustic Coffee, Edenton, NC"

"Chuck Hodges has a smooth vocal presence that demands
your attention. His range is amazing and his style is
his own; a blend of folk, rock, country and blues –
real American music. Simply put, Chuck is the best of
the best to play on our stage."

"Debbie Malenfant, The City Wine Sellar"

"Chuck is one of our most popular and talented entertainers. I can't tell you
how many calls I get each month asking when his next gig is. I love booking him
whenever I can, because I know that he will fill the house simply via word of
mouth. He draws such a diverse and eclectic audience. Chuck's playlist is
absolutely amazing! I have heard him referred to on many occasions as 'the
human jukebox.' Definitely an accurate description." - Elizabeth City, NC

"Paul Shugrue"

"Chuck Hodges has become a regional Americana phenomenon. He's sharing the stage with acts such as Claire Lynch, Kenny and Amanda Smith, and David Grier at the NE/AR Americana Music Series in Edenton, NC." -- Feb. 15, 2007 - Out of the Box, WHRV 89.5

"Shawn M. Haney"

Chuck Hodges delivers passionate lyrics with descriptive storytelling in Rainin’ Again, heading up a backing band of beautifully meshed instrumentation.

“Since You’ve Been Gone” bleeds through the speakers, painting an empty room of loneliness, turning the sadness of a broken, lost relationship into rebirth and triumph. “Tears” seeks redemption and reflection. It’s a carefully crafted, simple song with only a few chords on the guitar, but the full impact shines through, as the band’s instruments are brilliantly layered.

“Trying to Forget” is another relationship song that shimmers with lush songcraft and a strong presence of dynamics.

Band members help flesh out the sound on many a track, with Brian Fechino helping with the arrangement of the aforementioned “Trying to Forget” and many of the songs, most notably on the alluring bridge in “Trying to Forget.” Rob Ickes also lends a hand, delivering stunning opening dobro on one of the album’s most notable tracks, “Leavin’ for Atlanta.”

“Some Way Down” is a charming story of two friends who wind up in circumstances out of their control, leading them both astray. The composition is sound, the use of harmony in Hodges’ vocals impeccable. The subject matter is mostly reflective and melancholy, as Hodges nails the formula for romance and breakup songs with fervent success. That includes the title track, bringing about another stellar song structurally, complete with a romantic combination of guitar, organs and mandolins.

Hodges’ vocal style and songwriting talents compliment the musicians smoothly, and his voice is always stirring and compelling, never hanging out of range or hitting notes that are unnecessary. - Performer Magazine


Rainin' Again-- 2007
Minutes and Miles -- 2006



It all started with the perfect childhood for a future musician: a musical household where music was as important as air. Born of a country music-loving, bluegrass-pickin’ musician father. Shaped and molded by a howlin’, larger-than-life DJ uncle by the name of Wolfman Jack, who taught him to embrace R & B and the blues and feel it “way down deep, baby.” Classical piano lessons at age 8 that gave way to a Van Halen inspired guitar epiphany at age 17. And all the Rolling Stones, Eagles, James Taylor and the like that could be worked in.

The end result is a rootsy, modern Americana-based acoustic sound inspired by and infused with the trappings of life and all that comes with it. “You can hear a pin drop [when Chuck performs],” says Anita Anderson, who runs Acoustic Coffee, a coffee shop/music space in Edenton, N.C. where Chuck regularly performs. “He really engages the audience. The stories he tells about growing up hearing his dad playing fiddle and bluegrass while trying to go to bed … it’s where his sound is coming from.”

That sound is one of simple melody, rhythmic acoustic guitars and thoughtful lyricism. “I try to keep it simple, but memorable, because in the end, it starts and ends with the song.”

Chuck’s first CD, Minutes and Miles, was released in early 2006. Several tracks from his debut effort received ariplay on Virginia and North Carolina stations including Norfolk's public radio station 89.5 WHRV, 93.7 BOB FM, and 99.1 The Sound. His second CD, Rainin' Again, was recently released in October of 2007.

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