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"Demo Critiques"

“A Florida-based artist, Nash is a consistently compelling storyteller, a songwriter who knows his craft. And his clear articulation gives able voice to his original material (“Strange Life,” “Mystery” and “Sheep Song”), which is very cleanly produced and backed up by expert musicianship. Nash’s familiar, thoroughly accessible, mainstream tunes and their intelligent lyrics recall Counting Crows in their ability to draw the listener in.”
- Music Connection Magazine (Los Angeles, CA)

"Review by Dan Kimpel (Billboard, Grammy, BMI World, Performing Arts Magazine, & more)"

“Chuck Nash is the real deal. Every element is there: songcraft, performance, conviction and imagination, framed with an intuitive and sophisticated melodic sensitivity. I like the first-person narratives; the range from rhythm and humor shadowing to a black and white mini-movie of an ending song. The arrangements and production are similarly captivating: I especially like the unexpected musical flourishes.” - Dan Kimpel

"Chuck Nash CD makes Music Connection Magazine's "Top 25 Demos of 2004""

The Top 25 Demos of 2004 have been selected based on the highest scores given by an Executive Committee comprised of journalists and musicians.

A score is tallied based on the merits of each demo’s production, lyrics, music, vocals and musicianship. An average of these scores is then calculated and posted. Demos include submissions in a spectrum of styles from all over the world. This year, probably due to the success and popularity of our Web site, Music Connection received more submissions from people not only around the nation, but globally. Top honors went to those artists who showed a mastery of their craft, with polished recordings, art work that complemented the style the artist was putting out, and, of course, songs that were deemed A&R ready. Congratulations to all the exceptional artists who submitted material and were chosen for review this year!
- Music Connection Magazine


11-Song CD entitled "Dressed In Yellow Light"


Feeling a bit camera shy


One need not listen long to Chuck’s music to get a taste of his unique, entertaining and provocative slant on life. His style combines elements of rock, pop, folk, and punk with insightful, sometimes biting lyrics to bring his listeners down a road all his own. Nash’s songs range from straight-ahead rockers to artsy, ethereal ballads. With his infectious melodies, wry wit and “hey wake up!” social commentary, Chuck offers an intriguing and most compelling musical journey, both live and on record. A rare personality... a true individual... a great new voice in music!

Nash wrote his first song at the age of eleven. At nineteen, he began playing as a solo act and in bands around Northeast Florida. Chuck’s distinctive vocals, poignant writing style and self-effacing sense of humor helped him earn the reputation as one of the premier performing songwriters in the region. His talents also helped him sell over 14,000 CDs, prior to his label debut (Dressed In Yellow Light), and in 1998 earned his band (Kingpins) Musician Magazine’s Best Unsigned Band competition (chosen from over 1800 bands nationwide).