Chuck (Producer)

Chuck (Producer)


My music is very unique, original and highly musical. The only way someone can describe my music is to hear it. I have moved so many artist by making a track spicifically for them, I am highly talented.


I started off doing music since 1996. I started off with a Korg N264. After teaching myself how to do scales, then cords. After time passed I bought more eqipment and now I have a ful studio. I moved on to putting songs together and that's were it started. I've done a lot of music for a wide variety of artist in L.A. I can say gladly, that I have been writing and doing music for 10 years now. I will continue to do music for as long as I live, music is my life.


I've done some tracks for independent artist, or labels, such as YR intertainment, Ground up Intertainment. Too mant artisr to list.

Set List

I have tons of songs, but my favorites, I say about 10, each are about 5 mins long.
Get up, Laxare, Versatile, Peaches and Cream, Nasty, Workin man, Lissenclose, etc.