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"San Diego Troubadour"

Chuck Richards
Lost In The Sound
by Jody Wood

Mixing blues, country, and pop influences, Chuck Richards has created seven songs that grow bigger and prettier with each listen. Subtle nuances softly fill the spaces between thoughtful, sweetly sung, heart-felt lyrics. Lost in the Sound is uplifting without being corny and sad without being sappy. Richards molds simplicity with intricacy to form catchy hooks and melodies that seem to reveal more each time you hear them.

Lyrically, Richards comes across as open and honest about his life, his troubles, and sitting on the porch petting his dog. His voice is warm and soft, and he sounds hopeful, even when singing, '. . . I'm nowhere if not with you,' on the album's second track. Sounding down and out and disappointed in the world around him, Richards sells himself and the listener on being lost without this recently lost love. 'After That' is a song about being broke with nowhere to go, but the music moves along quickly and is anything but bleak. By far the fastest track of the collection, 'After That' is over almost as quickly as it gets you rambling. 'Anyway' follows with a sense of comfort and well-being that comes from being in love without a care in the world. Falsetto harmonies bring life to the chorus, while piano warms up the verses. Richards doesn't over play the songs, but almost senses what is completely appropriate for each mood. 'Becoming Myself' lays out a well-played instrumental break that digs down to the roots of Richards' influences. 'Heart Attack Song' wraps up the album with banjo, slide guitar, and sparse percussion holding down a steady chug.

Handling the vocals, guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, percussion, and foot stomping (according to the liner notes) himself, Richards has some help from Cady Truckee on the Wurlitzer, pump organ, and banjo, as well as Atom Orr on guitar, vocals, percussion, and synthesizer. Drums were provided by Matt Lynott.

Richards' lyrics make it clear that he's a thoughtful, introspective writer with a sense of where he's been and where he's going. He is also a man who cares about the world around him as the liner notes include links to several websites geared toward ending hunger, rape, and abuse. Thoughtful music from a thoughtful man. - Jody Wood

"The San Diego Reader"

"Chuck Richards's vocals seem passionate. The lyrics are good; some sentimental, some abstract. The banjo and ukulele give the music a slight country or folk feel. In spots it seems bluegrassy with the addition of a steel guitar. It's expertly played, timed, and each song is pleasant. " - Ollie - Ollie

"Listener Reviews"

Customer Reviews From itunes
All 5 star reviews!

-I guess I feel that much of what passes for intimacy in music is largely contrived. Chuck Richards sings without pretense or posturing.

-Title says it all. Love every song. I think my favorite song is "Pass Me By." I'm looking forward to your next CD.

Victoria, Canada
I keep listening to it. It's good everytime. Your song writing is great. Really. And your singing is...excellent. I am very impressed. You need to keep doing this. - J.

San Francisco, CA
I've been listening to your CD at work. It puts me in a good mood and makes me want to drink wine. - Mary

San Marcos, CA
I checked out your website - and the 2 songs that are on there are great! Let me know when your CD is out and I'll buy one for sure. - Ryan

Just to let you know, I've downloaded your album and
listened to all the songs. You just got a fan!! Really
enjoyed it a lot, let me know when you have more
material for itunes! Keep up the good work!! -jeannie

Seattle, Washington
I am knocked out by your music, I can't wait for the CD to arrive because I know I will enjoy it so much.

San Diego, CA
Lost in the Sound is the perfect album for driving around with the windows down. -Greg

- Customer Reviews


Lost in the Sound - Debut Album (EP) 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Chuck Richards, a native Californian, plays acoustic guitar, sings and writes songs of love, loss and a myriad experiences, all filtered through his unique and timely perspective. Chuck grew up in Los Angeles, where he played, recorded and performed with several bands and artists, including the late Jeff Buckley. After playing bass for a rhythm and blues band in Portland, Oregon for severals years, Chuck Richards began writing songs and playing coffee houses and other small venues. Chuck Richards' music falls into an Americana roots/folk rock genre. His songwriting emerges from a plethora of influences, ranging from Cat Stevens and Nick Drake to more contemporary artists such as Elliot Smith, Glen Phillips and Jeff Tweedy. Each song he writes is a painting, depicting a moment, a situation, or an emotion. Each song is a story. Chuck Richards' music can be quiet and intimate, or up-beat and quirky, but it is always honest, heart-felt, and inspired. In 2006, Chuck Richards released his debut album, Lost in the Sound, with the help of friends, Christopher Hoffee (Truckee Brothers, Atom Orr), and Cindy Lee Berryhill. Now he is back in the studio, recording a second full length album. Chuck's first album, Lost in the Sound, has met with glowing reviews and is available at itunes, CDBaby, Lou's Records, M-Theory, and Buffalo Brothers. Chuck currently resides in San Diego, California where he can be seen performing at a variety of local venues.