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"Remember this band: Chucksilver"

Remember this band: Chucksilver
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March 4, 2009 - 4:02 PM

GRAHAM - Chucksilver is a band that's easy to remember, not just because of its catchy name, but the fact it wants to stand out in the music world.

Marc Heath, Travis May, Josh Ausley and Mike Smith got together to jam early last year with the intent of creating a style and sound that would be acceptable for all ages and backgrounds. The sound is heavily influenced by rock but there's nothing volatile here; it's a chance to roll your windows down and sing (or scream) along to the lyrics.

All four musicians are married and attend Christian City Church in Greensboro, along with their families, and although the music isn't praise and worship music per se, it would still be acceptable for a youth group. The band performed during a Christian music concert at Emerald Pointe last summer and was well-received.

"We're all Christians but we don't consider our music to be Christian rock," Heath said in a recent interview at the Times-News. "Music is a mixture of life experiences. We write from that and invite other people to experience it with us. If they hear a song and think ‘hey, that's how I was feeling at the time,' then we've done our job."

Even though the young men are all in their 20s and 30s, their combined musical experience equals 20 years. Each musician has played in other bands before, but have found a kinship musically and personally that seems to work. Heath, 29, is on vocals, Ausley, 28, is on bass, Smith, 35, is on drums and May, 31, plays guitar.

When they formed the band, they made a pact - "family came first, music was second." Luckily, they joked, all of their wives get along great and are flexible with the performance schedules. Family friendly venues are a must.

In keeping with that, the band will perform a show at 6:30 p.m. Friday at the Roasted Coffee Depot, 131 W. Elm St., Graham. It is one of two events being held at the coffeehouse that night; artist Sherry McAdams will be having an opening reception for her art show (see story above). Cover charge is $5 and includes one regular coffee.

As for its name, the band is often mistakenly referred to as Quiksilver, a company that specializes in surf and beachwear. Heath wouldn't disclose where Chucksilver came from, adding that "even my dad doesn't know."

"We wanted a name that caught peoples' attention. Something that symbolized us." Heath did reveal that "Chuck" referred to Converse's Chuck Taylors, which three out of the four musicians wear.

For more information on Chucksilver, visit - Times News


Single - "Take Control"
EP- "sliver of ChuckSilver"



"Their (Chucksilver) sound is heavily influenced by rock but there's nothing volatile here; it's a chance to roll your windows down and sing (or scream) along to the lyrics."

Described as an infusion of post grunge and alternative rock, Chucksilver formed during the early part of 2008. It began with a visionary lead singer, a guitarist with a flair for the inventive, and a bass player with a steady punch. Marc Heath, Travis May, and Josh Ausley created a tight, steel thunder sound but lacked a powerhouse drummer. Just three weeks before opening up for Decyfer Down and Fighting Instinct,Mike Smith entered the picture and took over the position without debate. Now cemented with vision, inventive sounds, and creative unity- doors began to open that were never knocked upon. Besides opening up for recording artists Decyfer Down of INO Records and Fighting Instinct of Gotee Records at Emerald PointeWater Park, the band also procured a gig at a local club, Café Jam, with the band Philmont of Forefront Records, without the help of a demo. Word spread fast, and the Chucksilver fan base out numbered the lead band on both occasions. With 100% original material, the members of Chucksilver then entered the studio to lay down their vision in a 3 track EP. The goal then became to place the ‘sliver of Chucksilver’ in each hand. Moving forward, Chucksilver continues to write their own material, seek new venues to rock out in and obtain a recording contract to awaken the masses to the sound that is..............