Chucky Danger

Chucky Danger


Chucky Danger, "Stellar band... phenomenal musicianship, showmanship and energy," says the Calgary Herald. Vancouvers' Georgia Straight declares "...their kind of magic was the true reason to go to Warped [Tour]- the off chance that you might discover something great." "pretty good" says Dave's dad.


"My new favorite Canadian band, Chucky Danger... put on the most entertaining show I've seen in a long time."
- Abby White, Performing Songwriter Magazine, Nashville, TN.

Three years and counting... and this young Canadian band has moved quickly; with over two hundred performances this past year, Chucky Danger has already retired it's first touring van.

Their music and live shows have been described by critics as "...delightful hook-laden melodies like the Beatles", to "the Police (classic era) on speed", to
"sounding like Franz Ferdinand and moving like the Talking Heads." Flattering as these comparisons may be, the band endeavors to forge their own musical identity.

Chucky Danger's new self-titled album was recorded with 2007 Grammy Award winning producer Danny Blume of GoodAndEvil. The recording process was nomadic, conceived in the legendary locales of Woodstock(NY), Montreal, New York City, and Egmont Bay, PEI(CAN). It features a wide array of vintage accoustic, electric, and bass guitars, layered vocals, dynamic percussive sounds, and hook after hook.

In support of this album, Chucky Danger is planning the ongoing activities of one of its most ambitious tour schedules to date. The band will be on the road for three months performing over fourty shows before taking its first rest at home. In preparation, rehersals are taking place, production ideas are in full swing, all dealing with the tour.


Colour (2006) Album- Nominated for three East Coast Music Awards.
Marching Machine (2006) Video/Lead Single - Regular rotation on Canada's Much Music, Much Loud, and Canadian Radio Stations.
6-Pack (2005) Album- Winner of one East Coast Music Award.
Chucky Danger (2007) Album - 2007 Grammy Award Winning producers GoodandEvil. Due to be released in Canada this fall.
Travelling (2007) Video/Lead Single - Earned heavy rotation on Much MegaHits.

Set List

Chucky Danger typically performs up to two hours of original material including:

Sweet Symphony
Marching Machine
One Thousand Voices
I'm On Fire
Can You Feel It
Strawberry Man
Silent Stars
Beautiful One
Shades of Grey
Beautiful Mistake
Freeways or Flight
Queen Charlotte of the Hyenas
What If
The Sheriff
Polly Hill
Find Me