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"The Depot Rocks Again"

It has been way to long since I was at The Depot, West Cottage Street, York Pa. and Friday night was a great night to go. Rosematter headlined the show, with Chuggernaut, Paper Tongue, and Render.

Render hit the stage first; with front man Crazy J definitely feeling at home on The Depot's stage. Jason formerly of Grae, use to perform regularly here, and was definitely not restricted like he was at The Chameleon Club, where Render was one of the openers for Jimi's Chicken Shack. Hanging off the rafters is frowned upon at The Chameleon, but Okay at The Depot. The guitar playing of Matt Williams impresses me more and more each time. I had the fortunate opportunity of sitting with Matt's number one fan, his Dad, who seems like one hell of a nice guy, not to mention a very proud parent. Mike, the bassist was banging out those crazy chords again. BJ Fegely, the drummer, anchored the performance again with some flawless execution. I hope that more people will start taking notice, and come out for the Render experience.

Next on stage was Paper Tongue, out of Harrisburg. I was really into there sound, very down and dirty Rock-N-Roll. Chris Zuna, guitar and vocals, has a powerful voice, very much like, Shaun Morgan of Seether. Derek Delaney is the bassist, and is just awesome. Bill Gladfelter rounds up this three piece as the drummer. Really surprising, I will be checking them out again.

Chuggernaut was up next, and finally I got to see what everyone has been talking about, I have been really wanting to see them, but kept missing there performances. The front man, Jonny Chugs, has a great on stage presence and vocals to back, along with being a damn good guitar player. Eric, a.k.a. Mr. White, is another great guitar player. Their bassist is one crazy man, known as Slappy Chugs, I think his real name is Simon, not sure, but Slappy fits more. The drummer, simply known as Forney, is one fantastic musician, can really bang the skins. If you would try and really describe there music, I would say there much like The Foo Fighters, except the harder side, not what they play on the radio, but what isn't released from the albums. Putting it simply, they are really, really good.

To wrap up the night Rosematter hit the stage. Their front woman blew me away. Katie Kolos is her name and her vocals are very powerful, Wow, can this woman sing. Rosematter has recently been signed by, Lobster Records, and I can see why. Not my type of music, as I'm more of the heavier side of rock, but their sound is very top forty friendly, very much the new popular sound, like Fallout Boy, and Plain White T's. I don't quit understand what Emo is, so excuse my ignorance and feel free to comment back to me. All in all, if that is what you like, then you have to get out there and check them out, and buy their album. November, 2, is their CD release at Amp Avenue, 1401 Williams Road, York, Pa. 17403.

Render's next show is at The WaterWay, on the 27th of October. For more details on the show, contact Render through their MySpace page,

Check out Paper Tongue's next show is at Smalls in Harrisburg, on October 13th, for Smalls one-year anniversary, for more details check them out at

Check out Chuggernaut on the 31st of October, Oh Yea, O'Hallows Eve, at the Depot, for more details check them out at

Check out Rosematter October 12th at The Hanger in Gap, Pa. Check out their profile at or

Get out there and support the Local music scene, Rock On!

- Brian the Hermit

"Toaster Sluts+Chuggernaut+Paper Tongue=KICK ASS!"

On Friday November 2nd I went to one of the best clubs for live entertainment, The Marysville Tavern, 13 South Main Street, Marysville, this is only the second time I was there, the first time was to see The MACHETES, and this is the club to play at. It's really not that far from Harrisburg, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, and even York. The Staff is very friendly, wide Beer selection, great food, and awesome original music. If your a band looking for a great place to play, check out , and check out The MACHETES at .

On this night I was here to see Toaster Sluts, Chuggernaut, and Paper Tongue. I am a old man, and I remember The Dead Kennedys, Dead Milkmen, Plasmatics, and of course The Sex Pistols, and this was the raw punk sound, down and dirty and in your face. If you know what these bands sounded like, and you enjoyed that sound, then you have to go and see The Toaster Sluts. There out of Enola, so it was almost a coming home party, specially for Josey B, the drummer, who had most of her family and close friends there. Drew, the bassist and vocals, and Larry "The Loob", the guitarist took a step out of the spot lights and left Josey go nuts with a fucking great solo, it was really good. During the preformance, in true punk fashion, Drew and The Loob, basically knocked the shit out of each other. Drew vocals are really great, and even though, he constantly changes the words of there songs, it is very entertaining. Check them out at .

Next was Chuggernaut, very very talented group of musicians, these guys impress me each time I see them. Eric, a.k.a. "Mr. White", the guitarists, was having a small problem with his 'V', and handled it in true professional form. He of course made the statement, "This is the first time, it never, happen before.", I don't how many times I've used that line, but I digress. Jonny Chugs, guitar and vocals, Simon, the bassiest, covered with a couple of inpromptu classic rifts. Forney, the drummer, has got to be one of the tallest drummers I have ever seen since The Black Crowes, and so very talented. Chuggernaut put on one hell of a show. Check them out at , and look for them to be back in the area on November 30th at The Depot, in York.

Next was Paper Tongue, another really great band, these guys can really rock! Chris Zuna, has a great powerful voice, and can he ever play guitar. Chris has even done some acoustic preforming recently at The Marysville Tavern, but tonight he was with Derek Delany, on Bass, and Bill Gladfelter, on drums. True down and dirty rock and roll, and devoted fans than can sing every word to there songs, almost as good as Chris, I say almost as good. These guys will blow you away with there sound, check them out at , and catch them live at Smalls, November 21st, Thanksgiving Eve, the biggest party night of the year, next to New Years Eve.

Check out all the bands I mentioned here, if you haven't all ready from my previous blogs, and get out there and support Local Original Music! I will be at the Waterway, 220 West Philadelhia Street, in York this Wednesday, to check out Bad Ash, with special guests, RENDER, Scream at the Sky, and PADDYWAK, yea that's right, PADDYWAK I haven't seen these guys in like forever, come on out and party with me. So what if it's a Wednesday, do like me and call in the next day that you might be late.
- Brian the Hermit


Demo EP 2007, currently working on a full length.



This would normally be where a band would tell you about how they are the next best thing you’ve never heard, the bands they’ve played with, and how they are magical, special, and unique…. Well, we are Chuggernaut, four guys from York, PA who play the music we love, play our hearts out live, and have an undying passion for music. We formed in October 2006.

Since conception we have been playing shows in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and State College. Our following is growing nicely and the crowd response for out-of-town shows has been great. Our drummer, Dave, runs a recording studio/screen printing business in York (Mellow D’s Studio). We are scheduled to begin self-recording our first full-length on 07/15/08 (entire CD would be pressed and ready for the Music Conference). Our bass player, Simon, works as a counselor and has implemented a Hip-Hop producing/recording workshop for inner-city youth as well.

Our musical backgrounds are diverse, but have punk roots as the common denominator. Our demo CD is included with this submission, so we will let you decide the genre for yourself. We’re hoping to turn our passion into a full-time gig and thank you for your time and consideration.

-The Chugg