If you could hear sexy, we'd be awesome!


This would normally be where a band would tell you about how they are the next best thing you’ve never heard, the bands they’ve played with, and how they are magical, special, and unique…. Well, we are Chuggernaut, four guys from York, PA who play the music we love, play our hearts out live, and have an undying passion for music. We formed in October 2006.

Since conception we have been playing shows in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and State College. Our following is growing nicely and the crowd response for out-of-town shows has been great. Our drummer, Dave, runs a recording studio/screen printing business in York (Mellow D’s Studio). We are scheduled to begin self-recording our first full-length on 07/15/08 (entire CD would be pressed and ready for the Music Conference). Our bass player, Simon, works as a counselor and has implemented a Hip-Hop producing/recording workshop for inner-city youth as well.

Our musical backgrounds are diverse, but have punk roots as the common denominator. Our demo CD is included with this submission, so we will let you decide the genre for yourself. We’re hoping to turn our passion into a full-time gig and thank you for your time and consideration.

-The Chugg


Demo EP 2007, currently working on a full length.

Set List

We can play anywhere between 30 mins to 1:15 with our songs.

Father Xmas
F is For Foto
Aunt Acid
Terrible Twos
Fool Potential
Riff that Cured...
Shepard's Lie