BandHip Hop

My sound is a blend of clever lyricism and style that can adapt to any tempo or genre. My sound cannot be put into a box or limited in any way because it is so versatile.


Chulo’s talent as a rapper really took notice after his move to Raleigh, NC. During his years in high school Chulo's freshman mixtape created a local buzz in the Raleigh-Durham area. Following his graduation from North Carolina Central University, Chulo began to work full time and perfect his craft as a lyricist and Hip-Hop artist.

Currently working on his third mixtape installment, Chulo’s ambition is to deliver to the world the essence of Hip-Hop through his lyrics. His music exemplifies a southern taste with northern roots and is destined to take the world by storm.


I have just released my Mixtape "The Pregame", to warm the people up until my next project "Attention Please", which I will be releasing in September. I've had two records played on K97.5 entitled "Where I'm From", and "Bandz".