Chunky Planet

Chunky Planet


A husband and wife collaboration, Chunky Planet’s commentary style lyrics and alternative indie/folk sound is no recipe for nostalgic love songs. A ‘tell it how you see it’ approach, they switch from the sweet to the absurd, always bringing a certain edge and rawness to their music.


Their music has been described as ‘Alternative Folk' with comparisons from Tom Waits to The Eels. They play a variety of instruments including Acoustic guitar, Bodhrán and whistles. Often joined by honouree band member, Mairead Kelly on Irish harp, they use traditional instruments for contemporary music making.

After a five year gap since their first single, ‘Pensioners Watch TV’, Chunky Planet finally released their follow up, ‘Walking in My Shoes’ the E.P in October 2009. The pair were also chosen as pick of the fortnight in the October edition of HOTPress magazine and the title track making the playlists on both national and local radio including Today FM and RTE Radio 1.

Chunky Planet have performed throughout Cork and Ireland having previously toured with Annette Buckley and chosen to share the line-up in Derry as part of the Tennant’s Intro festival alongside such bands as Delorentos and Leya. At the time, their single Pensioners Watch TV earned Chunky Planet national airplay and rave reviews with an honouree mention in the edition of Hot Press’s Cork songs of all time.

After being off the radar for a few years, Chunky Planet are bouncing back with their new E.P, released in October 2009 and already working on some more material for 2010.

"Chunky Planet make it work because they think and play outside the box"
(HOTPress Magazine - Pick of the fortnight, October 2009)

“Gripping Rhythms coupled with some wonderfully punchy any good E.P it has the listener wanting more.”
(LEG - November 2009)

.."Chunky Planet...Cork's most likely candidates for better things."

.."An intoxicating mix that makes you forget that it's Irish music you're listening to...Get onboard now, before they become too popular to be cool..."
Cork Evening Echo (4 stars)

.."An endearing kind of home-made feel.. they have something individual and are doing it well..."
www.Bandwagon (4 stars)

.."Chunky Planet explore the capabilities of traditional Irish instruments... The result is enchanting and exhilarating..."


Walking in my Shoes

Written By: Plover & Plover

Walking in my shoes
Listen to my words
Every corner you turn
Let your love unfold

Making me smile
Rock a bye baby
Run and be free
Don’t be a stranger

Walking in my shoes
Counting the days
Hold u in my arms
Take a bus, take a plane

Chorus: Walking in my shoes (repeated)

Love to hold you like that
As the seconds tick by
Let your love unfold
Stay by my side

Walking in my shoes
Building mountains in the sky
Listening to my voice
Waiting for a sign

Chorus: Walking in my shoes (repeated)

Every corner you turn
Let your love unfold
If you need shelter
I’ll keep you from the cold

Walking in my shoes
Riding the wave
She’s like a Sheppard
Keeping you safe

Chorus: Walking in my shoes (repeated)

Take me to the Stars

Written By: Plover & Plover

Verse 1
You closed your eyes & poured a drink
Said something about the stars, and fell asleep

Took a train, took a car
Took a plane, take me to the stars

Saw your reflection, saw your pain
Saw your face, saw your hand shake

Hold me tight, in case I fall down
Can’t go to sleep, ‘cos you’re nowhere to be found

Took a dive, take me to a bar
Took a ride take me to the stars
I’m going nowhere, without you

Verse 2
Fools gold, as white as snow
Trickles down my face, and I’m feeling oh so cold

Lovers talk, and take a ride
I’m going up (x3) I’m going stateside

Saw you call out, lost at sea
Get me a boat, and find me a beach

Middle 8 (whistle instrumental)

Took a dive, take me to a bar
Took a ride take me to the stars
I’m going nowhere, without you (repeated)

© Plover/Plover
Recorded September 2003
Spanish Studio, Legsby, Lincolnshire

What Happened to my Spaceship

Written By: Plover & Plover

Verse 1:
Dawning of a new day, opens his eyes,
Says a prayer, for humanity

Eats his cornflakes, talks about the weather,
Reads his paper, joins the traffic in silence

Lights a cigarette, thinks he’s in a movie
Watches his reflection, as he takes the elevator

Drinks his coffee, waiting for the lights to change
Staring at their grey faces, at the dawning of a new day

Chorus: X2
What happened to my freedom, what happened to my spaceship
You know the one that’s going to take me away.

Verse 2:
Dawning of a new day, an old man counts his change
Goes for a drink on every second Saturday

Two weeks in the rain, on a holiday
Call it a holiday!

Every morning’s the same, goes to work
And comes back again, God I wish it was Friday

Mid 8
Magnified imperfection, deprivation, fornication, humiliation - the generation of Reality TV

Politicians want a go, the voluntary ‘Truman Show’
The fat Cats take a blow --- Jobs worth

Fragile egos seeking glory, who can make the biggest story
To be themselves for judge and jury
(all in the name of s**t TV)

Chorus X 4

No Messages no Complaints

Written By: Plover & Plover

No messages, no complaints, put it down to coincidence
A passing smile, a tiny word
A closing chapter, song and verse

Caught a train, caught your eye
Met on corners, with no surprise
Just a smile, faces don’t lie
No complaints, I’m doing fine, doing alright

No messages, no one said a word
A one way ticket with a thousand turns
The lights are flickering in the corner of my eye
I’m walking home, in the dead of night

There’s no messages, there’s no complaints
Put it down to coincidence
A different story, in a different time,
Sack full of memories, passing me by, by the side of the road

No messages, as time ticks by
Look out the window, no ones passing tonight
Holds his breathe, blows out another year
Toasts to the future, wipes away a tear

But I’ve got no complaints tonight
You can’t mis what you can’t find
Callers waiting, there’s a message on the phone
Sending my regards, after the tone, after the tone

Dancing with Traffic

Written By: Plover & Plover

Verse 1: Dancing with traffic, eating frozen food
And work’s a drag, but no money’s even harder

Pack up your belongings, in a plastic bag
‘Cos you can’t pay the rent, so go join a circus

‘And you’re a clown, but you don’t smile
You’re afraid of getting old, and losing your hair

Chorus: (Still) Dancing with traffic
On the road to oblivion, with you

Verse 2: Starving in Africa, getting pregnant in Glasgow
Dancing in discos, eating kebab meat

With ugly girlfriends, and holidays in Margate
Well if that’s what you call progress, you could have fooled me

Still dancing with traffic, can’t get the car started
Lost on the highway, better stop for a coffee

On chairs that don’t move and food you can’t eat
Plastic containers for plates and you call that progress


Middle 8: Smiling from a fish bowl, swimming to the shore line
Crawling like a reptile, swinging from the trees

Losing my hairy back, standing up straight
Learning to communicate….
(So we can dance in Discos)

Discos (chant)


Out (Middle 8)

Pensioners watch TV

Written By: Plover & Plover

Sleep X 3

St Christopher’s ‘aint listening, he’s lost his way home
Trying to finds some change, two pence for the phone

(Remembering) cup cakes and game shows
Under cloudy skys
Looking out on a world, with pornographic eyes

So save a wish, for England’s dream
Slot machines & pole dancers, dancing at the end of the pier

Would you look at me like that, is there a sparkle in your eye
Pensioners watch TV tonight

Sleep X 3

Walking the dog, eating up your greens
Thinking ‘bout what you said, and the pictures that we keep

Of memories of wars & weddings, pictures of scenery
The weather’s turning bad again, so rest your aching feet

Would you look at me like that, is there a sparkle in your eye
Pensioners watch TV tonight

Picture me dancing, swimming in the sea
Holding a baby in my arms, it’s the memories that we keep

St Christopher’s gone to bed, with slippers on his feet
Arthritis is working overtime, needs tablets to make him sleep

Would you look at me like that, is there a sparkle in your eye
Pensioners watch TV tonight X 2

Sleep X 3

© Plover/Plover


Single: 'Pensioners watch TV' (released 2004)
receiving local & national airplay

Double Downloadable Single: 'Price You Pay'/'Suicide Bomber' (released 23rd July 2006 - download only)

E.P: 'Walking in my Shoes'
(released October 2009)
received both local & national airplay including Today FM and RTE Radio 1

Irish Radio stations who have played Chunky Planet:

RTE Radio 1
Today FM
Cork's 96FM
Cork's RED 104-106FM
KCLR 96FM (Kilkenny & Carlow)
Limericks 95FM
Spin FM
Radio Kerry
Beat 102-103FM
Dublin South FM
BBC Radio Foyle

Internet Radio Stations that have been streaming Chunky Planet:

Last FM
The Talent Searcher station (IAC Music)
Highway 66 WITH PIP & merry station (IAC Music)
Summer Days and Open Highways station(IAC Music)
this is not bob dylan or is it station (IAC Music)
zing! flip! squash!--WATERPLANET radio
serendipity XIV
The Very Best of IAC ALT Acoustic

Set List

1. Take me to the Stars
2. What happened to my spaceship
3. Dancing with Traffic
4. Famous Blue Rain Coat (Cohen)
5. Circus House
6. Pensioners watch TV
7. Propaganda
8. Walking in my Shoes
9. Heartattack & Vine (Tom Waits)
10. History Stops
11. Suicide Bomber
12. Price you pay
13. Accapella of Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley)

typical sets may vary from 45 minutes to an hour.