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They come from Mexico, Peru, Spain and Germany. Each of the eight musicians adds his personal influences, and this makes their sound so special and danceable. Their songs are not easily pigeonholed! Spanish lyrics deal with socially critical themes and with personal turns of life.



Since the spring of 2002 a particular kind of "wild animals" has been creating a stir in the hip-hop-Latino scene. Their name is "Chupacabras", like the frightening mythical Puerto Rican creatures.

They are a Latino-Hispanic band which merges traditional Latin American and Spanish popular music with modern musical styles. The result is a spirited and vivacious sound with genuine power. It is an inspiring blend of flamenco, mariachi and reggae. Dancehall tracks alternate with tangible rap-rock, and cumbia and salsa vary with jazzy piano phrases or swinging bass.

The eight musicians come from different parts of the world: Mexico, Peru, Spain and Germany. Each one of them brings his own personal musical influences to the band, and it is precisely this which makes the music so special and above all danceable. Their songs are not easily pigeonholed! The song lyrics are in Spanish and deal with socially critical themes such as injustice and poverty and with personal things like love and life. They also deliver a powerful statement against greed, dolce vita indifference, drugs and prostitution.

Chupacabras have proven their claim to a place of honour in Cologne’s mestizo scene with countless live shows as well as their CD productions. They present their multi-faceted repertoire with highly complex arrangements in an energetic stage show.


Benedikt Hesse – drums
born in Germany. Alumnus of the Drummers Collective in New York City. Student of drummers like Robby Ameen, Adam Deitch, Ian Froman, Phil Maturano, Antonio Sanchez and Vince Cherico. Tours as sideman in Germany and Europe. Since the beginning of this year, endorser for the Japan drums manufacturer CANOPUS.

Markus Koch – trumpet
born in Germany. Studies of trumpet and music in Cologne and London. Long lasting collaboration with big bands, among others as soloist in the Blue Art Orchestra (winner of the nationwide orchestra contest in 1997). Musician in various carribean, african and cuban bands.

Miguel Igler – rap
born in Madrid / Spain. Resident in Cologne since 1999. Frontman of the bands Chupacabras and MAS. Several concerts and recordings with these ensembles. Active as a vocalist, librettist, producer and lecturer.

Richard Guerra Medina – rap, guitar
born in Peru. Resident in Cologne since 1996. End of the 90’s founder the group "Los tres" (together with DJ OroNegro und MC Mig) . Founder, MC, songwriter and composer of "Chupacabras" since 2002.

Josué Avalos – acoustic guitar, vocals
born in Mexico. Member of the Antara and Tanguyú bands. Influenced by latin-american folklore and la nueva trova arise the first own compositions. Composer of experimental-electronic music and cross-over projects (a mix between Latin American and other music genres).

Sven Ostrowski – electronic bass
born in Germany. Student of the Essen Folkwang Conservatory. Experiences with hardrock, classical music, african folklore and jazz. Musician in different kind of bands, such as "Platzende Elfen" and "Spok" as well as in modern jazz, blues, funk und latin ensembles.

Matthias Kuhlgatz - piano
born in Germany. At the age of 14 musical education in classic piano. Individual instruction in jazz-piano and musician as a sideman and leader in various bands. Guest auditor at the Cologne Conservatory and teached himself the piano along the years.

Pia Miranda - trombone, vocals
born in Chile. Studies of trombone at the Escuela Experimental de Música "Jorge Peña Hen" in Santiago de Chile and at the Cologne Conservatory. Singer in the "Duo Miraflores" as well in the groups "Los Chincoles", "Zanate" and at the Kunstsalon-Orchester of "Klaus der Geiger". Guest musician for "KlangZeitWirkung", "Havana Open", "La Papa Verde" and cooperation with artists such as Enrique Díaz, Markus Stockhausen and Angie Hiesl. Musician for "Gosto Delicado" and "Chupacabras".


New CD release - october 2010
Fieras - Galileo 2005

Set List

Cuidate Mami
Cumbia del Destino
Yo soy
Fabulas del 1er al 3er mundo