Church is an experimental pop band with unique instrumentation. Their sound is influenced by Noise Rock and Psychedelic Folk, utilizing harmonized vocals and vintage synths to decorate well crafted songs.


Based in Portland, Oregon, Church is at its heart two brothers who grew up listening to the Beach Boys and Kraftwerk, while staying up too late in their parents’ home playing guitars and singing songs. In late 2007 they moved to a house together with electro-whiz Cristof Hendrickson.

These boys live and breathe music. You can feel this love at first listen--songs strong enough to sound as though they have always existed, but there is a new element hidden underneath...some beautiful and dark noise snaking in between the lines. It will catch you off guard. It will win your heart.


asleep in the weeds

Written By: church

won't you tell me that I won't grow old tonight
I know you know that I lose track of time
but please don't leave me asleep in the weeds
grass in my mouth and leaves on my feet

the sea

Written By: church

there's a boy
at the bottom of the sea
believing in things he can't be
should we let him know
before he tries to breathe
the water down

the sea
swallows everything
and it's a long way down

don't hold me to
anything you might have heard
i'll turn on you
and to all those who
always told us what to do
we miss you too

the sea
swallows everything


"King Crow" single out on Tender Loving Empire record collective.
April 2008

"With all our love for Francisco the Man"
debut e.p.
February 2008

Set List

a church set is usually between 20 minutes to an hour, and is almost always comprised of entirely original songs including:

king crow
song of the interior
asleep in the weeds
the sea
bee cave
song force crystal

every once in awhile church may throw in a cover from artists such as Neil Young, or the Magnetic Fields.