Rock did Blues and Groove.


Church is a Canadian rock duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist Leigh Doerksen and drummer Daniel Puurveen. The band was formed on a farm in rural Lethbidge, Alberta in February, 2011.
Doerksen and Puurveen came together after years of pursuing their own independent music ventures. Doerksen as a folk-singer and Puurveen as the lead singer/guitarist of various rock bands. When they met in January 2007 to start their first band, Dean Selena, with bassist Daniel Enns, their affinity for rhythm and ambient guitar sounds kept them jamming all night, even after others had gone home. Both well versed in drums and guitar, they would switch instruments throughout the jam, searching for sounds and poly-rhythms.
When Enns had to quit the band in early 2011, Doerksen and Puurveen continued to play as a duo, mainly for fear that they couldn’t find a unique enough bass player to follow Enns. Thus Church was formed when they played a show consisting of exactly what they did in their jam space... improvise.
Now defined as a heavy blues band with stoner rock qualities, Church is currently in the studio to finally capture this sound on tape. A three song live EP is in rotation but only available at live shows.
Church’s first studio album is to be released in spring 2012.


"Church Live" EP June 2011
Church "The Papa King Sessions" TBR Spring 2012

Set List

4 hours of mostly original material (covers include The Black Keys, Neil Young, The National, Led Zeppelin and the likes...)