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It started in Brooklyn, King’s County Hospital, a newborn strong enough to hold up his head and… observe, D.O.N. had arrived.
Domination Over Nonsense, a Christian artist is expected to scorch a fiery brand into the thoughts of what we have known Christian rap music to be.

D.O.N. is a minister at Living The Word International in Slidell, Louisiana under Pastors Lawrence and Chiquita Weathersby. www.ltwi.org

- D.O.N. made a promise to a young dying single mother (Tabitha Lyons) that he would help her only daughter, Akira Wallace with financial support for college through his music. 10 year old Akira Wallace is now orphaned to her grandparents due to the incarceration of her father. These motivating factors fused with D.O.N.’s love for seeing people renew their minds & change their lives for the Lord Jesus Christ has produced an avalanche of dedication and commitment.

Luke 1:37 For NOTHING is impossible with God


Tear Drops

Written By: D.O.N.

Tear Drops

(verse 1)
In flight wit a night stick to the innocent
Gunshots from Cincinnati cops the city’s lit. US police do not be mad at me if you don’t partake in police brutality. NYPD do it on the down low. Find out end up like AMADUDIALO 41 shots just 4 cops 2 reloaded their clips Guliani gave props
NY City you never forgot. RAP TAP TIP TAP TAP TAP TAP. That’s 41 I got love for pastors love for thugs, righteous men women children and fiend on drugs and each one of my people are waiten’ for the day that we can say that the pain is over.

Every time a tear drops it lands up in heaven and the angels are released to answer the prayers of the children and God’s aim is thorough like tips of the bow and arrow he can heal sickle cell anemia in ya bone marrow, see I used to blaze a lot my man’s used to blaze a shot nowadays I keep my hands in the air and praise a lot and I ain’t bout to look back and get salty like the wife of lot I do this thing cuz hell is just to hot.

(verse 2)
What you gone think satins demons gone pardon you when them hell flames all in ya grill like barbecue ya pops got popped decided to serve a couple dudes. Baby girl Akira this album’s dedicated to you. When ya mommy died she resides where the angels flew when ya daddy come out of prison I home that he’s saved and sanctified and not just a typical spade. I eat the bread of life from my born again cradle to grave the word keep my flow sharper than blades I know I’m getting Lucifer disgusted cuz I’m given Jesus the praise he’s the alpha omega beginning to the end of my days. we going to heaven and we will not die in the blaze.
We are sanctified, we are set free, we are LYF, inc.
We are sanctified, we are set free, we are Live Your Faith, inc. and...

There’s a war going on in America in the city. There’s a war going on overseas it ain’t pretty we are not equipped to handle the odds. We suppose to be soldiers in the army of God. You got the Benze on the street the Cadillac in the yard you got the base in the jeep but yet you die from the law. I took my praise out the creep and put it in front of ya’ll don’t act hypocritical when the scriptures are given to yall. This is a little more than lyrical listen this is for ya’ll. I keep my eyes on the sparrow, Jesus the king of all now, act like you holy like Adam before the fall because of the holy spirit that came on the day of Pentecost because of the blood of the lamb I’m redeemed from the law.
I got my eyes on the prize until the day that I die. Or my spirit and body should rise the lord of the flies. Beelzebub struck in the eyes by the way the truth and the life. By the lamb that was crucified he took the keys of hell death and the grave from the side of the serpent that lied. And because of that I’ma ride.
You are set free and sanctified, no matter the situation, sin temptation the high priest (Jesus) saw the same thing that you facen'. I wrote this when I got a revelation. Despair like a cancer patient. Patiently waiten' for their day of salvation.
FAITH builds patients. The propaganda of Satan is to throw fear in your face something flagrant. But your tears are a fragrance so keep on praying and Obeying there’s an angel in
Heaven recording every situation.


- 'LYF Records presents... D.O.N.' will be a classic Christain rap album for decades to come. The LP features a wide variety of selections from a remake of the gospel classic ‘Amazing Grace’, to ‘Judge You’ a song that testifies about an abused 13 year old and a homeless man sharing his story just before rededicating his life to the Lord.

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