Church Boy Entertainment

Church Boy Entertainment

 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
BandHip HopChristian

Church Boy Entertainment has been committed to keeping Christ at the forefront of everything we do. We are devoted to producing high quality entertainment and building an expansive artist repertoire. Our goal is to be highly influential in the entertainment industry for Christ alone.


Church Boy Entertainment is a Christian based company. Founded in 2004 they have made enormous strides in changing the industry through underground Hip-Hop. The roster has been a very consistent in putting out quality production and has the potential to be among the elite in it’s class.

Their latest adventure into the main stream world was successful, as they had an artist nominated for the GMA award for, “Hip-Hop Video of the Year”.

This unit is looking to hit the road in 2011 with their debut tour titled, “Who is Church Boy Entertainment?”. I believe once the world gets wind of who they are, they will make their everlasting mark not only in the music industry, but will also change the culture to come.


Strange to the World-CedEnouh
The Redefine Series-CedEnough and Dj Aslan
Manumit- Dre Murray
The Prelude- Lil' Dre
Strapped Up- Lil' Dre

Set List

A typical Church Boy Entertainment set list varies, depending on who all is at each event and how each event is. (i.e. If CedEnough, Dj Aslan and Lil' Dre are all at an event it may go: Dj Aslan-scratch for 30 minutes, CedEnough- 6 songs, Dj Aslan- scratch for 30 min, Lil' Dre- 6 songs.)