Church of the Red Museum

Church of the Red Museum


If you close your eyes and listen hard, you can hear Spencer Moody bumping into Tom Waits in a dark bar, followed by whiskey-fueled angry words, fists on flesh, cracking bones, and slick blood on vinyl tile. Maybe if you're lucky you will suffer the same fate.


Murder, mayhem, the morbid—the ravages of love lost—the darkness at the edge between sanity and insanity—Church of the Red Museum bears witness to them all, weaving an intricate web of folk, rock, and experimental noise.

Consisting of Rhodes, organ, violin, electric guitar, trumpet, bass, and assorted percussion, this unique lineup has crafted songs that reflect our most carnal impulses and murderous desires.

Formed in 2005, Church of the Red Museum originally brought together seven members of the Columbus music scene. These musicians have been involved in diverse bands such as Go Evol Shiki!, Frostiva, Flotation Walls, and the Gospel.

Brian Travis, the main songwriter for Church of the Red Museum, is influenced by bands such as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Louis Armstrong, Black Heart Procession, Murder City Devils, Phantom Limbs, Mike Patton, Black Eyes, and Liars. The individual members of the band also contribute their own influences and passions to the creation of a distinctive musical vision.

The nine songs that make up Church of the Red Museum’s self-titled album were recorded at Columbus Discount Records in early 2006. Columbus label Manup Music released the album in October of 2006.

Church of the Red Museum have shared the stage with Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Phoenix, Ducth Pink, The French Kicks, and Montreal’s Kiss Me Deadly. Church of the Red Museum is frequently played on local radio station CD101’s award winning Independent Playground and featured as a live, on-air “Big Room” performance. Their debut release was selected by Columbus Alive as “Best Local Album” for 2006. The band was also selected as a 2007 “Band to Watch” by and UWeekly.


Church of the Red Museum - "Church of the Red Museum" in regular rotation at WWCD, CD101 in Columbus and on, voted "Best Online Radio" by just about everyone who's worth a damn.
Church of the Red Museum - "The Bitter End" 7"

Set List

One Eyed Jack's
Never Easy
Over You
Like a Knife
Shotgun Blast
Durham R.I.P.
The Road
Red Lightning

NO COVERS - typical set 30-40 minutes.