Chux Starr

Chux Starr

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

To become a successful mainstream artist, it takes hard work, talent and knowing what you what out of the business. Toronto's own, Chux Starr is focus and ready to take is music career to the next level. Once poeple hear his music they will become fans. Songs like "Mama" and "I Wanna Know" are just the beginning and a taste of whats to come from Chux Starr in 2012.


Born Michael Scott (December 20, 1986) in Toronto, Ontario to Jamaican parents, Chux Starr grew up with a love for reggae which led him to pursue a music career. Now he has become one of the most exciting and unique talent to emerge out of Toronto's music scene. His reggae fusion style of music is an enriched sound of reggae and dancehall with a blend of R&B and hip hop in one. Chux Starr is introducing music lovers to a new sound as well as a new style of world music.

Chux Starr recorded the breakout single "Mama" in 2010. The song won the hearts of many fans and gave Chux Starr a lot of support and positive feedback. Starr says "The more people hear it, the more people like it". In September 2011, Chux Starr released his first official music video for the single on HypeTV in Jamaica. The video was also featured on other television stations, numerous websites and also received over 15,000 views on YouTube. The song was later release on iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets on December 26, 2011. For his next song, Chux Starr brought his video director to Jamaica to film the classy video for "I Wanna Know," a rhythmic tune about relationship and love, which was release on YouTube. The song "Live Up" is a offbeat reggae infused track that leads listeners deeper into his musical style while the song "Work The Middle" is a ladies specialty. Chux Starr along with his manager Garrett Murray and video director Jason Matos plan to produce videos to promote his new singles. Starr's music touches on a variety of topics that cross demographics, making each track relatable to genders, young and old.

As of September 2011, Chux Starr has released a promotional CD entitled "Cosmic Emotions" and providing his fans with free downloads to other tracks. Lately Chux Starr has been busy recording new music with various producers and promoting his work. Chux Starr's main focus is preparing for whatever opportunities come his way. In the future Chux Starr plans to work with other musicians and create good music that people around the world can relate to. Starr is currently working on new material including the release of his second mixtape, called "I Am Chux Starr." In addition, Starr is also working towards the highly anticipated release of his debut album.

Chux Starr was a mischievous child growing up, so much so he earned the name “Chucky,” after the devious Child’s Play movie villain. With a minor adjustment to the spelling, Chux Starr is now prepared to showcase the extent of his talent by putting out his own music. Starr recalls his passion for music started at quite a young age when, he got into playing music as a DJ at twelve years old. "I've always been around music. My dad always had turntables and it's just a natural thing for me, I guess. It has always been in me." During his high school years, Starr began playing music with various sound crews at local parties in the Greater Toronto Area. He became one of Toronto’s heavyweight DJs while playing at nightclubs on a weekly basis. In 2009, Chux Starr made the transition from DJ to artist when he recorded one of his first songs "My Addiction," which became an instant crowd favorite at local parties. His energetic performances demonstrate his love for what he does and the way he entertain the crowd.

With his unique talent and his genuine love for music, Chux Starr is now motivated and determined to take his career onto the big stage and live the phrase "the star is the limit."


I Wanna Know
Live Up
Work The Middle