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Athens, Attica, Greece | INDIE

Athens, Attica, Greece | INDIE
Band Folk Classic Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"un album bellissimo, perfettamente prodotto, ben registrato,
con spartiti splendidi che consiglio agli amanti della buona musica in generale e che tiene alta la bandiera del Progressive
Rock anche in un'epoca,
come la nostra, che sembra averne decretato la scomparsa dalla memoria collettiva."..
Jessica Attene..

"A strong and impressive debut effort from this Greek ensemble,taking the art of sophisticated folk inspired music into new and exciting territories at their best."..

"I must say I'm very happy to hear such a lovely album that is filled with beauty and tamed passion"..
"Quite a standout quality for a present-day release in that genre in my opinion, and especially for a debut.
Not many progrock newcomer releases succeed in satisfying in the superior way that A Child in the Mirror does.
A nice and unexpected surprise without any doubt."..
various comments in

""A child in the mirror" è un debutto convincente: i Ciccada non hanno inventato alcunchè di nuovo
ma il loro amalgama di art-rock anni '70, reminiscenze classiche e melodie tradizionali è ben riuscito.
Con l'unico difetto della prolissità, questo è un ottimo esordio per la formazione greca:
concepito, eseguito e confezionato con gusto e sensibilità. Una bella scoperta, che segnaliamo con piacere."..
Donato Zoppo..

Since Morka (1973),we were waiting for a native folk-rock band of such a quality and musicianship...

"If this one doesn't make near the top my "Best of 2010" list,there will be some unbelievable albums put out later this year.
I'm not holding my breath. Gems like this don't happen all that often."..
Fred Trafton..

"Varié, changeant, ce disque parcourt aussi bien les terres du jazz-rock que celles de la fusion ou du pur folk."..
Jean-Philippe Haas..

"Ciccada ist eine illustre Entdeckung, die zu machen ich nur unbedingt einladen kann."..

"Prawie godzinny album, a nie ma tu slabych miejsc - wypelniaczy.
To prawdziwy majstersztyk: móglby smialo ukazac sie w latach 70., ale wysmienita, nowoczesna produkcja wskazuje jednak na
dzisiejsze czasy.
Ode mnie maksymalna ilosc punktów i kandydatura do progresowego Top Ten 2010."..
Napisal Wojtek Ludwig..

"A Child In The Mirror is a vibrant example of progressive neo-folk.
Complete with its frantic sections of instrumentation and medieval feel,
it transports the listener to a summery place that's fragranced with earthy olives."..
Natasha Scharf..
classic rock presents prog....

"The band succeed to keep a certain lightness in the near-classical arrangements,
thanks to different folkier melodies, flute and the slightly old music voice of the singer.
There's a perfection in the arrangements, often near chamber-symphonic.
Some of the later tracks,like "Elizabeth" are heavier with more dominance of electric guitars,with a symphonic rock core.
This core hangs not only towards a folk(-rock) touch but occasionally also to a more jazzy improvisation.Very good !!" ..

"Personalmente non ho molto apprezzato la chitarra "heavy" che sporadicamente ci regala la sua fastidiosa presenza e,
volendo a tutti costi essere ipercritici nell'analisi di un disco che risulta indiscutibilmente
fra le migliori uscite del 2010, qua e là si notano alcune (rare) ingenuità compositive e qualche scelta ritmica non eccelsa
accanto a molteplici soluzioni di grandissimo spessore.
Ruggero Formenti..

Radioshow "PVHF", radio Centraal, Antwerp, 106.7 FM,
live on air with stream :
2010-07-03 : from 8-10 PM European Time.
new progressive/ethnopsych/psych/Fusion/R.I.O. releases (new and reissued)..
,"A l'arrivée, voici un groupe
produisant une musique à la fois originale,
raffinée et à la vertu euphorisante. Pour
peu qu'on veuille faire l'effort d'y entrer (3
ou 4 écoutes attentives seront nécessaires)
on sera à l'arrivée récompensé par une
musique d'une grande qualité. A découvrir !"
Didier GONZALEZ<br>Highlands magazine

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"A Child in the mirror" : CD-Fading records 001-- 2010
"A Child in the mirror" : LP -Missing Vinyl - MV998-- 2011
"Decameron" (Collective CD-participation with
"She went for love") - Musea FGBG 4875--2011
The whole CD had airplay in U.S.A., Italy, Greece, at least.




The music of CICCADA is a mix of rock, jazz, folk and Western European legacy from the middle-ages to 20th century. It is based on strong melodic lines and is mainly influenced by some fine progressive bands and artists of the `70`s like Alan Stivell, Spirogyra, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Gryphon, Renaissance, Al Stewart, Strawbs, Curved Air,Hatfield & the North and classical innovators
Béla Bartók & I.Stravinsky The group was formed in April 2005 by flutist Nicolas Nikolopoulos (who plays also the keyboards) and fellow guitar player Yorgos Mouchos. A little after, singer Evangelia Kozoni joined the duo and this is the core of the band until today. After a series of constantly changing line-ups (including a male singer, bass, cello, clarinet, trumpet, piano & drums players) and several gigs in Athens hometown, the act is consolidated with the addition of bass player Omiros Komninos in 2009 and with this formation, they enter the studio in Milan, Italy during July of the same year to record their first album .
“A Child in the mirror” was released June 2010 on FADING RECORDS, a division of ALTROCK PRODUCTIONS. Amongst many guest participations there are special contributions from members of famous Italian bands YUGEN ( P.BOTTA, P.CAVEDON,V.CIPOLLONE, M.SIGNO,) and DFA (A. DE GRANDIS).
A major event in their career was their participation in 2011 Jazz & ??a?e?? festival in Patras. A reissue of their music in vinyl format was out in April 2011,by Missing Vinyl Records.