Cicero Yard

Cicero Yard


Cicero Yard is a collection of four unique individuals. They are committed to both their music and to succeeding in the music business. Every song they have written and continue to write displays their diverse musicianship. CD due by end of Spring 2006. Produced by Mike Hoffmann.


Cicero Yard plays a unique brand of Hard Rock. This is evident in their influences which include Pink Floyd, Clutch, Korn, U2, Machinehead, and others. They write songs with very complex music as well as lyrics that deal with topics like religion and politics. Each song is driven by energy and hooks that leave you humming along by songs end.


CD due out by end of Spring 2006! Produced by Mike Hoffmann.

Set List

Darwin's Monkey
Grinding Gears
Dirge (A Song For The Dying)
Running with Scissors
Artificial Wound
Inside Out
Speak No Evil