All of our music is heavy. We are influenced by death and heavy metal. Each of us add a lot to the band. We feel that we could cover almost any song and are not limited by skill. On top of all of that, each of us work together well and make the most out of practic


This band started out in the beginning of October,2008. Ben and Nik have been doing Bass and drum for 2 years because they couldn't find a guitarist that could meet their demands from their school. Eventually Cole and Derek heard of them from their school and wanted to jam sometime. They instantly knew that these people were who they were waiting for. Within 2 months they made 5 songs together and added Brian to play 2nd guitar.


We're currently finishing the songs and getting ready to record a demo.

Set List

We have a 5 song set list. On top of that we can cover any song and are willing to take suggestions from fans to perform them at our next gig. We are all very skilled at our instrument and learn things fast.