Ciderhouse is one tasty concoction. Callie K, adds a mix of soulful phrasing and powerful lyrics to the brew, while guitarists Gary and Erik shake things up with down-home melodies. With Chris peeling off basslines and Greg stomping out the beat, Ciderhouse is one glass guaranteed to go down smooth.


The Truth, the Kozmik Truth, and nothing but the Truth

Callie K. and Gary Phelps have been writing and performing music together since forming Electric Blue and the Kozmik Truth in 1996. At a time when the Western MA music scene was searching for a band to call it's own EBKT's combination of funk-based rhythms and expansive improvisation filled the void nicely. By the time they disbanded in 2003 they had embedded themselves into the musical landscape of the region, frequently playing to capacity crowds at the largest local venues and had established themselves as a seasoned touring force playing gigs everywhere from Allston to Austin.

Keeping up with the Joneses

If you want to know when the seed of Bullseye Jones was first planted you need only go back to 1991. It was then that Greg Carreira and Erik Morgan attended elementary school together. Though at the time Greg was in Fourth grade and Erik in First, by the time 2002 rolled around schoolyard harassment had given way to musical kinship and the two were jamming on a regular basis. By fall of 2006 Chris Pelletier had joined the fold and the newly dubbed Bullseye Jones was forging a reputation as a classic power trio with a rock 'n roll sound much larger than the sum of its parts. Their crowning moment came in June of 2007 when their rain-soaked set at CiDERHOUSE's first annual Apple Jam served as the high point of the weekend for the weary crowd.


CiDERHOUSE was born in the aftermath of EBKT, and began with Callie & Gary as an acoustic duo. As they soon expanded to a 4-piece, full band outfit Callie picked up a washboard, Gary took to the lapslide and their style was streamlined to roots-oriented genre that was equal parts bluegrass, blues, and rock 'n roll they facetiously ordained "countrified soulgrass". In September of 2007, with band tensions running high, CiDERHOUSE called in a favor from Bullseye Jones and Erik, Greg, and Chris joined the fold.

As a 5-piece with two guitars and five distinct songwriting styles, CiDERHOUSE has surely become a musical force to be reckoned with. Callie has a voice that can go from sweet falsetto to pure, brute force in a matter of milliseconds and the chops to stun any jaded audience. Greg and Chris make five years together as a rhythm section sound like thirty, walking the line between bravado and restraint. Gary and Erik form a one-two guitar punch that combines seasoned sensibility and youthful attack. Their songs run the proverbial gamut, from bluegrass-y steamrollers to riff-based hard rock epics, with washboard and melodic slide guitar showcased throughout.

Their debut record, released 10/31/08, gives an insight to their true chemistry and shows the wisdom of over forty combined years of road experience. The release also has them primed to take advantage of an uninspired rock 'n roll scene and be recognized as the premiere rock 'n roll band in the northeast.


NO SYMPATHY- Release Date: October 31st 2008

Set List

Down The Road
When You Coming Home
Its Not My Cross To Bear
Rockin Bee
Things I Want